Many people believe that the idea of a self-cleaning fish tank is too fantastic to be true. They believe it is simply something that cannot be avoided. While fish keeping is a lot of fun, there are some things that can be tedious.

When they hear about other fishkeepers employing minimal, self-cleaning tanks, they assume it’s a fraud. I can tell you that it is not the case. Self-cleaning fish aquariums are both genuine and useful!

There are several excellent products on the market that will save you a significant amount of time and make the entire fish-keeping procedure much more fun. But the challenge is finding the genuine and efficient one.

So I tested and analyzed several self-cleaning fish tanks to find the finest ones for you. And among the top self-cleaning fish tanks, I found Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank to be the best.

But to provide you with a variety and options to choose from I’ve brought to you a completely new list. I have featured the best self-cleaning fish tanks available so you can focus your time enjoying your goldfish.

8 best self-cleaning fish tank – Reviewed

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Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Product details:

  1. 3 Gallons
  2. Grows Food
  3. Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

By a considerable measure, this is the most popular self-cleaning fish tank. It’s inexpensive, does the job efficiently, and looks lovely. This is a small tank suitable for little fish such as betta fish.

The top provides a very large space that can easily accommodate multiple plants, considerably increasing how effectively it cleans itself. The arrangement also ensures that the plants on top receive adequate water.

A typical design problem in some self-cleaning tanks is an abundance of plants but an insufficient flow rate. This results in frail plants and polluted water. To get the benefits of a setup like this, everything must be operating at peak efficiency.

This tank ideally supports that correlation. It also includes everything you need to get started. The plant that comes along with these is wheatgrass which can efficiently clean the water. This product also prevents any danger, which is very important for any self-cleaning product.

What we like:

  1. Clean and sustainable system
  2. Cost-effective

What we dislike:

  1. Only for small fish

EcoQubeC Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank

EcoQubeC Aquarium - Desktop Betta Fish Tank

Product details:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. LED lights
  3. 1 year warranty

In terms of looks, the EcoQube self-cleaning fish tank is unquestionably our favorite product. While many low-maintenance aquariums appear unremarkable, this one is actually attractive! It has a simple and clean style that complements any room it is placed in.

If you like, you can set this on your office desk and it will look completely at home. The light mount adds to the overall design and ambiance of the fish tank without being too noticeable.

It does a good job of purifying the water, but you should keep an eye on the water quality in case something breaks down. Even though these tanks are low-maintenance, you need to monitor the aquarium conditions properly and ensure your fish are in a quality life.

For all of the features mentioned above, this is most likely one of the most preferred self-cleaning betta tanks available. This aquarium’s stunning design complements bettas.

What we like:

  1. Stunning aesthetics
  2. Low maintanence cost

What we dislike:

  1. You need to buy plants separately

AquaSprouts Garden, Self-Sustaining Desktop Aquarium

AquaSprouts Garden, Self-Sustaining Desktop Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 10 Gallon
  2. Plastic material
  3. 9.5 Watts pump inlcuded

This is a one-of-a-kind self-cleaning fish tank system that stands out from the crowd. This is due to the fact that there is no aquarium case provided with it. The AquaSprouts Garden is simply a plant and light support arrangement.

It is designed to fit over the top of a variety of 10-gallon tanks. The reason for selecting this over a full kit is quick and easy: it supports plants and self-cleaning extremely well. When it comes to something like this, it is unquestionably the best in the category.

So, certainly, you’re passing up on an amazing product. The pump is excellent, and it can be adjusted using the provided timer. The light support, where you can install a variety of led, is also excellent. 

This larger foliage will clean the water in the aquarium better than many of the smaller products. There is also a growth media that can make a huge impact on the health of your plants.

What we like:

  1. High-quality design
  2. Better cleaning efficiency

What we dislike:

  1. Aquarium case not included

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Product details:

  1. 10-gallon aquarium
  2. All-natural de-chlorinator
  3. High output light and reflector

This Springworks product is an excellent self-cleaning fish tank arrangement that is designed to suit any standard 10-gallon aquarium. It has a very simple design that is nevertheless quite useful.

There is plenty of area for plants, and the aquaponic flow tube performs an excellent job of getting enough water up to the roots. Comes equipped with bacterial additions to help with the process. The design of the light and the installation are both excellent and desirable.

While some may find the t shape at the top to be unusual, I like it. It lends some symmetry to the overall design and curves beautifully up. The kit does not include an aquarium itself so if you have a 10-gallon aquarium you can conveniently use this with it.

The self-cleaning setup is designed with expertise and the kit includes almost everything that you would need to make the setup running. It will efficiently clean the tank and your fish will love the new renovation.

What we like:

  1. Appealing design
  2. Cleans efficiently

What we dislike:

  1. Does not include an aquarium

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

Product details:

  1. Plastic, Metal material
  2. LED lights
  3. 20 gallon

This is an exceptionally high-quality self-cleaning fish tank setup that does not include the tank. Despite this, the plant and lamp section is of exceptional quality. The build quality is excellent, and it is built to last.

It includes lights installed on a strong light stand that will not fail you like other inferior goods. These LED lights can be customized or adjusted to meet your individual requirements.

This low-maintenance arrangement is designed to fit 20-gallon tanks. It has enough natural vegetation to manage this quantity of water and enough flow to ensure adequate cleaning.

If you’re searching for the perfect self-cleaning aquarium for a 20-gallon tank, this is the one to go for. Even though it does not include a tank, the reliability, and efficiency it provides more than compensate.

What we like:

  1. Can accomodate a range of plants
  2. Efficient cleaning

What we dislike:

  1. Expensive

As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank

As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank

Product details:

  1. LED light
  2. 1 aquatic plant
  3. Two Lithium 3V batteries

This little self-cleaning tank is one-of-a-kind and highly rated product that we couldn’t pass up. While it may not be large enough for some, others may find that this small aquarium is more than plenty. The pouring system makes it about as low-maintenance as it can possibly be.

All you have to do is add clean water on a regular basis and then drain the unclean water. It’s a terrific present for anyone seeking a minimal choice that won’t break the bank, especially if they’re just starting off.

If you choose to get this, I recommend obtaining some water Aquarium Filter. This is not included in the base kit but is necessary since it removes heavy metal traces from the water you add.

For the price, the build quality of this tank is quite impressive. Everything appears to be solid and dependable, and there haven’t been many reports of items breaking down.

What we like:

  1. Great for beginners
  2. Well-built

What we dislike:

  1. Very small

Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

Product details:

  1. 1.4 gallon
  2. Plastic material
  3. Ceramic substrate

I adore the aesthetic of Penn Plax’s self-cleaning aquarium. They are well-known for producing really high-quality devices that do the job well and last a long time. This tank’s cylindrical design distinguishes it from the others on our list.

This design option complements the plant arrangement at the top really well. This tank’s cleaning efficiency is quite outstanding. The plant arrangement and tank size complement each other really well, resulting in a low-maintenance alternative that simply works.

This tank is a little under one and a half gallons, making it appropriate for a tiny fish but not particularly spacious. Before purchasing a tank, it is critical to determine the minimum tank size required for your species.

This kit doesn’t come with much in the way of extras. You receive the plastic tank, the plant’s lid, and some growing substrate. It is your responsibility to obtain the specific plant you desire as well as any water treatment items you may require.

What we like:

  1. Great design
  2. Highly efficient

What we dislike:

  1. Plastic body

biOrb Flow Aquarium

biOrb Flow Aquarium

Product details:

  1. Constructed Out of Acrylic
  2. 5 Stage Filtration
  3. 12V Transformer

This tank is incredibly beautiful, hands down my favorite design, however, I may have gotten myself into a financial bind. Not just the tank, but everything that goes with it. 

It was quite simple to set up. Yes, it’s a little pricy, especially with all the Biorb decor. But I think it’s well worth it. Our tiny betta is having a great time in this tank. I have one betta fish in our 8-gallon tank, and she is ecstatic.

In addition, I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube of people overstocking their 8 gal Biorb tanks with fish. Please don’t do it! Before purchasing a tank and fish, do your homework! Just because it’s 8 gallons doesn’t imply you can fit 20 fish in there.

I was disappointed because the light is quite bright and does not have a brightness option. The chord protrudes noticeably from the top, and I wish it was more visible and integrated into the tank. The aquarium equipment isn’t too pricey, especially if you get something compatible that isn’t a biOrb brand.

What we like:

  1. Beautiful design
  2. Efficient filtration

What we dislike:

  1. Very pricey

How to choose the best self-cleaning fish tank?- Buying guide

Types of self-cleaning fish tanks

Essentially, self-cleaning tanks can be divided into two groups based on the maintenance strategy they employ.

Gravity-based systems

These are one type. It employs a pump to remove the filthy water while adding clean water. If you’re concerned about your fish being taken out with the polluted water, this system isn’t powerful enough. So you simply pour in clean water while placing a container beside the pump to catch the bad water.

AquaSprouts Garden, Self-Sustaining Desktop Aquarium is the best product from this category and has an excellent pump to enhance the filtration process.

Water garden system

The other method is to create a water garden. It’s an aquarium with a little garden floating on the water’s surface. The fish feces does not pollute the water because it is utilized to nourish the plants.

Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank is the most renowned and preferred water garden system.

Vegetation type

The main and most important feature of a self-cleaning fish tank is the plant and vegetation that will be growing on the substrate over the aquarium. The most efficient plants for this purpose are java moss or willow moss, but usually, you won’t be getting it along with the fish tank kit so you will need to buy them separately.


The size of the setup will depend on your preference. Some come along with a fish tank and some only provide the cleaning kit. It’s preferred to buy the ones which come along with a tank as they ensure perfect fitting and installation.

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System is compatible with any 20-gallon setup and is efficient enough to clean the entire tank.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Advantages of using self-cleaning aquarium

So, let’s have a look at all of the benefits of this style of aquarium.

For starters, it saves you a lot of time and work. If you’re the type of person who prefers less work, you’ll end up expending only a very small or rare set of duties to keep your aquarium water clean.

It also saves you a significant amount of time. Even if you’re a diligent worker, you’re usually more focused on work. When you don’t have extra time on your calendar, you may not have time to indulge in lengthy cleaning sessions.

Finally, a self-cleaning aquarium is beneficial to your fish. These tanks maintain the water clean, which helps the fish stay healthy.

Disdvantages of using self-cleaning aquarium

The biggest disadvantage of these things is that there is always the possibility that they will not work as stated. So, if you count on them and it turns out that they didn’t really clean the aquariums, you may wind up with a terrible fish tank, complete with dying fish.


Is it necessary to treat the water in my aquarium?

Yes, you must treat your tap water before adding it to your aquarium. Because of the chlorine and other anti-bacteria/pathogen compounds in our municipal water, untreated tap water will most certainly kill your fish.

Is An Aquarium Heater Necessary?

Yes, all of these aquariums will require a warmer. Goldfish are the only frequently available fish that do not require a heater, and they will grow too large for every tank on this list save the Ecolife. A full review of aquarium heaters can be found in our Best Aquarium Heater article.

Is it possible to have self-cleaning fish tanks?

As you can see from this review compilation piece, there are self-cleaning fish tanks. Some of the items on this list do not require powered pumps or filters, while others do. A real self-cleaning system is an aquaponics system, in which nature does all of the jobs.

How Do Self-Cleaning Tanks Get Clean?

If the nitrate values become too high, most of these self-cleaning fish tanks will require cleaning via water changes. The gravel siphon is incorporated right into the As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank. This is a true self-cleaning fish tank, however, it’s done on a smaller scale.

Which Pet Fish Are the Best for Newcomers?

The Zebra Danio is, in my opinion, the ideal pet fish for novices. Guppies, mollies, and smaller tetras are also suitable. If you have a large enough tank, you can keep a Betta.

Our Verdict

In our hobbies, self-cleaning fish tanks are a fresh idea. Companies’ approaches are really appealing to me. Some wish to use a hydroponic system, while others want to develop a simple system. I believe that both methods are fantastic and that one approach will meet your needs.

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