Do you want a fish tank with a modernized look? Yes? Then rimless aquariums are the way to go. They have a stylish, smooth finish, are constructed of crystal transparent glass, and look fantastic everywhere you put them.

Wave farewell to those unsightly plastic brackets; now is the era to choose the best rimless aquariums available in the market. They are more expensive than normal rimmed or supported aquariums, but the cost of setting it up is well justified.

We want to create an ideal-looking tank just for you so that you can enjoy the look of your aquarium while your fish can enjoy their modern home with everything getting a modern touch to it; why leave an aquarium with its ugly old-fashioned look.

We have gone through several products and tested them ourselves to get you the best rimless aquariums with the best quality and service. We are delighted to find some amazing rimless aquariums for you.

Among these, we have found Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium to be the best. But to keep the variety going, we have included 10 of the best rimless aquariums. So without any further ado, let me walk you through the compiled list.

10 Best Rimless Aquariums- Reviewed

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Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium

Product details:

  1. Rich landscape design
  2. Approx 15.84 gallon
  3. 6mm thick heavy-duty glass

This is my favorite aquarium brand. They are inexpensive, elegant, and well-made. It has the appearance of more expensive tanks but costs a fraction of the price. I will undoubtedly return to Landen for future aquarium purchases.

There are curved edges all around, and the silicon work is excellent. There was not a single smudge or extra silicon anywhere, and there were no bubbles. The glass was extremely neatly wrapped and came in perfect shape.

I chose this product after debating sizes and shapes for several weeks and researching ADA cube gardens, Mr. Aqua long and cube-shaped, and other lesser-known companies. Low-iron and less green glass, quality, and a reasonable price were the primary decision considerations for me.

I purchased two of these tanks, and the quality is outstanding. They appear to be the same as the ADA ones, which are somewhat more expensive. I adore the design of this tank so much that I made room for it on my home office desk.

What we like:

  1. High-quality build
  2. Afforable price

What we dislike:

  1. No accessories come with this product

Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 10 gallon
  2. LED light
  3. Cascade internal filter

This is an excellent option for a rimless aquarium as it comes with all the needed accessories required for a tank. Since it comes as a kit, I would rate each and every component for your convenience.

The aquarium glass is of good quality and thicker than I expected, the clarity is good, the seams are lovely, and the top edges are smoothed over and clean. It also includes a closed-cell foam mat to set the tank on, which is a great touch. This tank alone is worth the price.

The top cover is made of flimsy plastic, but it does the job. The hinges are well-made and secure. It won’t assist with evaporation, but it will keep your fish in the tank. It wasn’t necessary for my use, but it’s a lovely touch to a rimless tank. It should be constructed of glass, in my opinion.

The filter is of poor quality, but it does the job. It’s just a tiny pump with a sponge over the intake, which is more than enough for this modest tank. It has excellent mechanical and biological filtration.

Overall, I actually bought this kit for the aquarium, and I’m extremely happy with it. The tank alone is more than worth the price of the set, so everything else is a nice extra.

What we like:

  1. The tank is well-built
  2. Worth the price

What we dislike:

  1. The accessories are not worthit

Ultum Nature Systems 3N Clear Rimless Tanks

Product details:

  1. 45 degree mitered edges
  2. 91 percent clarity with diamante glass
  3. High quality German silicon

It’s quite stunning to look at. The clarity is far superior to any tank I’ve ever had. When you look at this tank, one of the first things you notice is how clear the glass is. Because the fundamental objective of the rimless design is to improve the look and feel, this is certainly a substantial advantage.

The Ultum 3N, just like the Landen tank before, includes a well-made foam leveled pad. It’s well-made, and the silicon that binds the glass up is really strong. You may be confident that this tank will serve you well for a long time.

It performs the task and does not take your attention away from the aquarium. The view is fantastic, and I can always see my betta! I suppose I could only fill around 2.5 liters before the water overflowed. If you need a small tank, you should go with Ultum.

What we like:

  1. Glass with high clarity
  2. Foam mat

What we dislike:

  1. Not suitable as a medium or larger tank size

Penn-Plax Water-Word Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 2.7 Gallon Glass Tank
  2. Cascade 20 Power Hang-On Filter
  3. Therma-Temp Full-Range Digital Thermometer

If you’re a rookie with no idea what you’re doing, this is the tank for you. I have a female beta, and I was concerned that the filter might be too strong because betas dislike strong currents. However, this filter is excellent and features an adjustable flow knob.

The tank is ideal for a countertop or a bedroom. It has a beautiful, strong glass feel to it and looks great . It’s rather good. The filter is fantastic; it is extremely quiet and has an adjustable flow.

I place a thin layer of plastic packing foam between the tank and the filter to further reduce vibration. You can use the filter cartridges that come with it, or you can use your filter floss, bio-balls, or whatever you choose. For added filtration, place a sponge on the intake.

I’m utilizing the LED light that comes standard with the larger Penn Plax tanks. It is ideal for low-light plants because it is gentle and promotes growth. I highly suggest it.

What we like:

  1. Includes all the accessories
  2. Requires small space

What we dislike:

  1. The filter is not sufficient

Deep Blue Professional Rimless Cube Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 7.5-gallon
  2. 12 inches cube
  3. Made in United States

I got this guy to build a desktop aquarium for me. The glass is 3/16″ thick, which is more than enough to make it solid and strong. The black RTV silicone sealer is expertly applied, leaving little mess and leaving clean lines.

I appreciate how it has no rims; this makes it seem attractive as a micro aquarium. The glass is crystal clear, the black silicone is tidy, and the edges are clean and nicely aligned. The tank also includes a piece of foam along the bottom to act as a cushion for the base.

This is critical to leave on the bottom of the tank while in use since it helps equally distribute the weight along the bottom pane of glass. The LED offers the best nighttime color and moonlights. If you use Caribbean-colored pebbles, as I did, this light will make it stand out.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the aquarium for the price; it’s a steal for a tank of this caliber.

What we like:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Affordable price

What we dislike:

  1. Only available in small size

JBJ Lighting Rimless Nano Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 8 Gallon Capacity
  2. 6 mm Bent Glass
  3. Tempered Glass Lid Clip

This was the best Nemo buy I ever made. I used to have a Dymax IQ5, which was fantastic, but this tank outperforms a standard nano aquarium in every way. This tank has one pump on each back corner, so it has a higher flow than any tank with only one pump.

This tank is larger than a typical nano tank. Because it is constructed of glass rather than acrylic, it is more difficult to scratch. The small packages of activated charcoal feature a zip to make it easier to re-fill them.

The ones in the IQ5 were sealed, so you had to either discard them or open them and re-fill them using a rubber band, tiny rope, or string. Finally, like most rimless aquariums, this tank’s sides and front panel are composed of a single piece of folded glass, which I think is stunning.

Overall, the quality of this product is amazing and is one of the best nano aquarium tanks out there.

What we like:

  1. Cheap price
  2. Great quality

What we dislike:

  1. The glass material is prone to damage

Marineland Portrait Glass LED aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 5 Gallons
  2. Hinged LED lighting
  3. 3-stage filtration

For the price, this is the best 5-gallon tank you will ever buy. The curved glass corners and solid glass cover, as well as the black stand, look great. In addition, the tank is simple to clean, with the exception of the filter space more on that later.

Despite the fact that the base is made of plastic, it is quite durable. It isn’t attached to the tank, but the sheer weight of the entire aquarium sitting on it means it’s not going anywhere. I tried to budge it before adding my fish, but it was firm.

Because of the aquarium’s portrait orientation, I can put tall ornaments or plants in it while still having enough room for my floating betta log at the surface. Because it isn’t lying horizontally, the aquarium takes up less space where it rests.

The filter engine is relatively silent, and the necessary filter cartridges are readily available at practically any pet store that sells fish supplies. For stability, the motor includes four little suction cup feet.

One cord notch in the back wall near the filter spout is useful because the covers will not fit properly if the cords protrude from the tank. It’s where I keep the cord to my aquarium heater. Because I don’t own any air stones, I’m not sure how this will affect individuals that use bubblers.

What we like:

  1. 3-stage filtration system
  2. Awesome look

What we dislike:

  1. The LEDs are too bright and non-adjustable

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

Product details:

  1. 15″ light fixture
  2. 20 gallon
  3. Acrylic material

I’ve had this tank for around 1.5 years. I’m in love with it. You must be at ease with the variations in care and upkeep necessary for acrylics versus glass. The fused top with distinct apertures imposes some restrictions, although I’m rarely bothered by them.

I have dwarf gouramis, full-sized gouramis, ctenopomas (leaf fish), mollies, and dwarf suckermouth catfish in my freshwater tank, which is equipped with an AquaClear 110 filter. I bought a 60-90 gallon stand online, and it works great.

The acrylic is stunning, with precise seams and rounded front edges. I did not utilize or install the included hood or light because I had already purchased a slim profile adjustable mount multi-setting LED light and left the top mostly exposed.

I lose a lot of water to evaporation, but I don’t mind adding 4 gallons of freshly cleaned water every 10-14 days. I was able to put a great amount of decor through the two main apertures. It wasn’t easy, but because the pieces weren’t solid rectangles, I was able to fit objects that were actually larger than the openings.

What we like:

  1. Clear acrylic body
  2. Sufficient room for big fish

What we dislike:
1. Fixed top is a bit of a complication

Boutique Betta Rimless Low Iron Glass Aquarium Tank

Product details:

  1. Glass thickness 5mm
  2. 2.1 Gal. Capacity
  3. Low iron optical grade glass

I was looking for a better tank for our Betta family. I wanted something attractive but not too large, in which I could easily grow plants and consistently heat with a tank heater with a thermostat.

My fish are quite happy in their new tank and have started a new bubble nest under a leaf right away. I can heat the water as consistently as I want and put plants in it to keep my fish happy, and my garden window is looking nice. It’s a cute little tank.

I’m utilizing this tank inverted as an underwater camera, with a camera glued to the bottom and a plexiglass seal. The clarity of the glass is amazing, and I am quite pleased with the performance.

Despite the fact that the paper on the bottom pulled off after a week of submersion. Unless you use it as I do, it’s probably not an issue.

What we like:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Compact size

What we dislike:

  1. Accessories need to be bought separately

Ultum Nature Systems Ultra Clear Low Iron Rimless Glass Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 21.4 gallons
  2. 45° Mitered Edges
  3. 91% Clarity with Diamant Glass

I purchased this 21.4-gallon tank for a pea puffer. The tank is stunning. The glass is incredibly transparent and does not have the green tint as some glass does. I also appreciate how long the tank is and is well suited as a medium-sized tank.

It’s the same length as my second 20-gallon tall tank, so my little puffer has plenty of room to swim around. It’s the perfect size for a desk or office setup. It came with a self-leveling pad and was well-wrapped. There are no blemishes or strange silicone in this product. It came with a self-leveling pad and was well-wrapped.

This product will certainly satisfy your expectations in the field of style and quality. Its edges are slanted at an angle, providing a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Aside from that, the tank is adaptable and small in size.

This brand takes pleasure in developing compact, lightweight aquariums. As a result, they are an excellent solution for those who live in small apartments.

What we like:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Suitable for small spaces

What we dislike:

  1. No other components

What to consider while buying a rimless aquarium

When you plan to buy something the chances are high that you will find a plethora of products of the same category. But all the products are not of the quality and design. Some might be better than the others on some features.

When using the term best it might not mean the product is an ideal one. Finding the one that is having all the qualities at a consistent and satisfactory level is the key to get your hands on the best product.

The same goes for a rimless aquarium. There are numerous rimless aquariums in the market and it becomes tricky to find the one that suits you and your needs without testing them. For this very reason, we do the work of testing and analyzing the products for you.

But even then you must understand what factors must be considered why buying a rimless aquarium to understand which style and quality best suit you.

Size of the product

One of the determining factors is the proper size is to save money on maintenance. Most individuals have difficulty keeping a larger tank, which may also necessitate more time-consuming maintenance, particularly in tanks with high pressure.

The basis for this is that a larger tank is more difficult to wash than a compact tank. In such a scenario, the assumption that the larger the aquarium, the finer, may be utterly irrelevant if you’re the kinda person who doesn’t want to invest a bag of money scrubbing a larger tank, particularly if you don’t own much fish.

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is a 20-gallon aquarium set that can be suitable for most fish types.

Amount of room

When selecting a rimless aquarium, keep your available room in mind. Consider that a larger rimless chamber will necessitate a greater setup area. In this instance, prior to purchasing an aquarium, you should decide where you want to put it and whether its capacity is appropriate for the place.

If you have sufficient room you should certainly go for Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium else in case of less space you may choose Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit.

Design of the aquarium

It is a relative decision. Several individuals chose a circular aquarium, while others prefer a cuboid aquarium. You can customize the design of your rimless aquarium. In addition to the design, consider where you want to put the aquarium.

You can use it to pick what design you desire your tank to be. The design of the Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium looks amazing especially because of its rimless build.

Material of the aquarium

Rimless aquariums can be made of acrylic or glass but each of them has its own pros and cons.

Acrylic material

Acrylic materials are clearer and look amazing because of their clarity. Moreover they are also cheaper than glass aquariums. But the drawback is that they are not as sturdy as glass bodies and are less durable than glass aquariums.

If you are opting for an acrylic rimless aquarium then SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is certainly on high recommendation.

Glass material

Glass bodies can be more costly and prone to breaking but if kept with proper care and maintenance then glass aquariums are highly durable and will serve you for a long time.

Landen Rimless Low Iron Aquarium has a thick glass body with a high-quality build.


Are rimless aquariums better?

Usually, rimless aquariums are composed of higher quality, smoother glass. The glass has low iron content and is free of the green color that can be distracting in the conventional glass.

Are rimless tanks safe?

Rimless aquariums use thicker glass material. Due to this rimless aquariums are protected. This prevents the aquarium from collapsing, which could cause structural problems with the glass or possibly the silicone adhesive.

Why are rimless aquariums expensive?

Rimless aquariums have curved and glossy glass, which increases effort and price. They are also constructed uniquely since the rim provides reinforcement, which raises the price. Higher prices mean a relatively small market, which means fewer aquariums to incur construction expenses over.

Why do aquariums have rims?

Aquarium rims significantly improve tank durability. Because of this, rimless tanks require significantly thicker glass or acrylic material.

Our Verdict

Now you have got everything you need to understand about rimless aquariums to assess while looking for the best one for your requirements. When selecting a tank, remember to consider your space as well as the capacity and design of the aquarium.

You must also consider the sort of tank you desire, which can be glass or acrylic. You may also begin your search for the best one for you by evaluating the best items we have previously highlighted.

Having read this article, I hope you will be able to make a clear and smarter conclusion on picking the best aquarium for yourself.

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