Nano aquariums are becoming increasingly popular since they make it easy to possess a gorgeous coral or freshwater aquarium with less space. But, not all are created equal–choose incorrectly, and you will waste your money.

What is a Nano Aquarium?

When is it that an aquarium can be labeled nano? Honestly, there is no exact definition of this.

Simply said, if it is smaller than its larger equivalents, the maker can name it nano without fear of being accused of misleading advertising. A nano reef tank holds no more than 30 gallons of water.

A small saltwater aquarium is designated a nano if it holds no more than 15 gallons, whereas a small saltwater fish tank cannot contain more than 10 gallons for others. Others believe that just a desktop aquarium qualifies as nano.

Understanding what makes a nano aquarium unique can be challenging if you’re new to the field. And, being in the fishkeeping sport for ten years, it is our responsibility to help beginners invest in the best product.

So we tried and tested multiple nano aquariums to find the most efficient and well-built one. And we have seen some fantastic products that will surely impress you. Among them, we found Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit to be the best nano aquarium.

For your convenience and providing a range of options to choose from, we have included nine more amazing nano aquariums. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into it.

Best Nano Aquariums Reviewed

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Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit

Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 1900 LUX LEDs
  2. 3-stage filtration
  3. 61 GPH dual outputs

Fluval Flex all-in-one aquariums are intended for use with freshwater fish. The aquarium features a versatile design to keep the aquarium compact and modern, fitting into any living environment.

The tank is made of high-clarity curved glass. The aquarium includes a three-stage filtration system. Nothing is hung from the aquarium’s edges or back. This looks excellent and enables placing the aquarium in your living area quite quickly.

Water is circulated through the filter materials and returned to the tank by an internal water pump. This comes with lid which has an integrated Aquarium LED lighting system. The remote control allows you to change the colors and timing of the lights. You can even make clouds like decorations.

The lighting is lovely. Fifteen different colors are available and white light, and all lights have a dimmer control. The night mode is attractive and will make goldfish products glow brightly.

The lighting setting is attractive, but I don’t think I’ll use it very much. It simply flashes white light in the manner of lightning. However, children may enjoy it. My favorite button is the one that slowly cycles through all of the colors.

What we like:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Versatile design

What we dislike:

  1. Water pump is not that efficicent

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. Hinged LED rail light
  2. 5 Gallons
  3. Daylight/Moonlight Settings

This is a fantastic tank. I was seeking a glass tank after completely breaking several acrylic hex tanks while attempting to remove algae from the corners of the glass. While you must be careful when setting it up, glass is so much easier to clean.

I have to say that the curved edges on this tank impress me. It is not a simple or inexpensive task. Because of this, I honestly wondered if this was real glass or plastic. But it’s actual glass, and it’s bent without the distortions that sometimes occur when you bend glass. It lends it a charming, graceful, and expensive appearance.

There is an overhanging LED light system with two settings, so you may have white or blue lights to replicate daytime or nighttime circumstances.

The class canopy cover swings back, allowing you to feed the fish and clean the tank. However, because the system includes an air filter to screen out particles, you won’t have to clean the tank as routinely.

What we like:

  1. High-quality design
  2. Noise-free operation

What we dislike:

  1. Lights are not very bright

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 37 LED lighting system
  2. 5 gallon
  3. Pump output – 55-80 US Gal/h

Incredible little aquarium It’s fantastic. It’s pretty well-designed. This is an excellent tank for a single betta for many individuals.

The LED lighting device is excellent. The LEDs are bright, the blue nighttime mode is lovely, and the tall, slim design makes it more fun to decorate. Furthermore, the lid is thin plastic with LEDs above it, rather than a giant ugly black monster like typical aquarium hoods.

The built-in filter compartment keeps the design tidy and even offers enough space to hide the heater. Although the circulation pump is potent, you may adjust the output nozzle. The only drawback is it does not include a heater.

You’ll need a heater, but many slick heaters will fit directly above the pump. You can fit the heater in the corner with the pump, so all the clutter is out of sight, which is extremely important for a nano tank – for me, it’s all about appearance.

What we like:

  1. Extremely cheap
  2. Efficient filtration

What we dislike:

  1. Does not inlcude heater

JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium

JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 6-gallon
  2. 3-stage filtration
  3. 12 Pounds

This tank is of an excellent size. The bent front looks great, and there’s lots of area for rocks. If I didn’t have corals that required powerful current, I wouldn’t need any other circulation pump. The skimmer is fantastic and performs admirably well for the tank.

There’s plenty of space in the filter compartments for a protein skimmer and heater. I have a bio cube and a JBJ nanocube, but I like the JBJ design. It was pretty simple to set up. The entire saltwater sump thing seemed too hard to me, but this aquarium was the perfect plug n go.

However, it is made of acrylic plastic, and the top cover is solid, so you can only see the contents from the sides. It has the standard 3-stage filtration system, as well as lights and cooling fans. Overall it has a well-built quality and is of great value for the price.

What we like:

  1. Design is quite appealing
  2. Efficient pump

What we dislike:

  1. Not very long-lasting

Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

Product details:

  1. 12 gallons
  2. LED Lighting
  3. Cycleguard

This tank is incredible. It’s lovely and simple to clean and maintain if you follow a basic regimen. Though it appears to be a lot of effort, once it’s set up, all you have to do is feed the fish three times a week and clean the tank for 10 minutes once a week.

I purchased this tank for my son about a year ago. We’ve tried a few different tanks with varying degrees of success. This tank, on the other hand, is just incredible. We enjoy the aesthetic, and with the proper care, it keeps our fish healthy.

This is a genuinely spectacular aquarium. The filter was first quite noisy; however, this was due to air bubbles. After a few days of shaking the filter, I could clear the air bubbles, and the filter was now relatively quiet.

I like how you can see inside the tank from the top. It gives it a high-end appearance. I wholeheartedly suggest this tank.

What we like:

  1. Looks amazing
  2. Effective filtration

What we dislike:

  1. Opening is too small

Vepotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit

Vepotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit

Product details:

  1. 4 Gallons
  2. LED Light
  3. 3 watts Aquarium Filter Pump

Some consumers enjoy nano aquariums because they are so tiny and adorable. They may look beautiful with the correct extensions, and you get a jump start with the Vepotek Nano accessories and functions.

This product already includes a filter and top-mounted illumination. The lighting here is unique, as the LED lights are available in four different hues. The lighting system offers a variety of features and even an installed timer.

The aquarium’s usage of glass is another characteristic that contributes to its attractiveness. While acrylics have their benefits, their most significant disadvantage is that their surface can get damaged easily.

Some acrylic tanks do not last long because the quality deteriorates due to so many unwanted scratches with the material. Glass, on the other hand, is highly resistant to accidental damages.

What we like:

  1. Energy efficicent accessories
  2. Glass body

What we dislike:

  1. Filter is not very powerful

Tetra LED Cube Shaped Aquarium

Tetra LED Cube Shaped Aquarium

Product details:

  1. 3 Gallon
  2. LED light
  3. Tetra 3i filter

This aquarium is ideal for your Betta fish. It’s spacious yet not overly so. The appearance is modern and trendy.

There is plenty of swimming space. This is necessary as bettas require room for healthy growth. Although they need less room, providing at least 3 gallons of space is required. Since bettas are solitary fish, a nano tank can comfortably accommodate one.

Sleek/neat design will blend in effortlessly and stylishly. It has a filter, a precut lid with room for wires, and an LED light above. When the house is silent, the filter makes a subtle “waterfall” sound.

I moved my betta into this, and he is delighted with the quantity of space. People should put their betas in this tank, not those 0.5gal death boxes. There have been no problems with the flow system or intake. It’s light enough that a film forms on the surface of the water.

What we like:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Quiet operation

What we dislike:

  1. You might want to use a more efficient filter

Marineland Silhouette aquarium Kit

Marineland Silhouette aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 3 Gallons
  2. Sleek Curved Base
  3. LED Lighting

This tank is stunning. It’s an all-in-one tank with an extensive filtration system and a place for my tetra pre-set heater. I enjoy the sponge/charcoal cartridge. The pump has an adjustable flow setting, which helps control outgoing flow and increasing filtration.

This tank sits in front of a mirror and has a nice clean and compact design that hides all cords and other accessories. It appears to be crisp and sophisticated. I also use a pump, which is a compact and silent air pump.

Additional air stones or small air-driven sponge filters, in my experience, improve water quality, health, happiness, and well-being for fish. The majority of my Bettas enjoy swimming in air bubbles.

The rimless Aquarium cube glass is of excellent quality. The black plastic the cube sits in is a little flimsy, but it encloses the tank and gives me many possibilities for incorporating it into my design.

What we like:

  1. Amazing decoration for your room
  2. Easy installation

What we dislike:

  1. Plastic body

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

Product details:

  1. 2.6 Gallon
  2. 3-Stage Filtration
  3. LED Lighting

This is one of the best nano aquariums in the market. The design has a modern look, beginning with etched glass rather than cheaper and less scratch-resistant acrylic plastic. The lighting system is made up of unique LED lights that hang from the ceiling.

Although the circulation pump is potent, you can adjust the nozzle output. Because it is constructed of solid glass, it does not scratch as easily as acrylic. It is relatively simple to clean the inside of the tank as well as the filter.

I clean the sponge with old aquarium water twice a month. To prevent gunk from accumulating, the pump and nozzles are cleaned once a month. I simply ran it through a pail of water and white vinegar to loosen and flush the rubbish.

This increases the pump’s lifespan. After that, it is flushed with clean water to remove the vinegar. The lighting is pleasant and bright. My anubias plant can grow in this light. The filter is quiet. I can’t hear anything.

What we like:

  1. Modern look
  2. Reasonable price

What we dislike:

  1. Difficult instructions

What to consider while buying a nano aquarium- Buying guide

While looking for the most incredible nano aquarium for yourself, the first thing you should consider is your ability as a fish keeper. But along with that, You must also consider some other factors to find the most suitable product.

Shape of the aqaurium

The shape and proportions of your nano aquarium can significantly impact your aquarium’s overall effectiveness and results. You must take into account the length, width, and height.

Angelfish, for instance, do well in tall aquariums because of their swimming patterns. Cichlids, on the other hand, require a larger area to develop their homes. When it comes to ordinary fishkeeping, though, length is the most significant factor.

This is why your fish need oxygen to survive, and the outside environment is the most important source of oxygen for your aquarium, especially if you don’t have sea plants. As a result, a lengthier nano aquarium with a greater surface area will have the capability of delivering more amount of oxygen.

As a result, rectangle nano aquariums, in my opinion, are ideal for novices and general fishkeeping. This doesn’t mean you can’t try other styles. Many aquarists have had great success with various forms.

Here are some shapes of the nano aquarium.

  1. Cube tanks seem nice, but they have a lower surface area, so that becomes an issue for your fish.
  2. Bowfront tanks are ideally suited for use as a display tank. They look amazing if dents or damages can be prevented.
  3. Hex-front tanks are a cheaper version of bowfront.
  4. Hexagon tanks, if you ask me, have the worst design. They are tall, have little surface area, and are difficult to decorate, maintain, and operate, among other things.

Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium has an excellent bowfront design that looks amazing, especially at night when the LEDs do their magic.

Purchase a kit

To get started, we recommend purchasing a nano aquarium kit, which is often less expensive than buying all of the necessary components separately. Kits typically include integrated filtration and lighting, so all you’ll need to purchase is a heater.

But before buying a kit, go through the accessories included as some kits might not include all the necessary items. Also, depending on your fish and marine plants, consider the kind of heater.

Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit includes a versatile aquarium tank, an efficient filter to enhance the cleaning process, and some amazing LED lights.

Kind of fish

Consider carefully which fish species you wish to keep before purchasing a tank. Not all fish are appropriate for micro aquariums. Even though tetras are tiny fish, they prefer to dwell in vast schools, and a little 3-gallon nano tank will not suffice.

Nano tanks are generally best suited for solitary fish such as bettas that will be comfortable with only a few snails or crabs as mates.

Tetra LED Cube Shaped Aquarium is the ideal aquarium for bettas, and it has a pretty modern look and fits perfectly as a beautiful decoration.

Material of the aquarium

When it comes to determining whether you want a glass or acrylic nano aquarium, there is no such thing as the perfect material solution. It would help if you considered the advantages and disadvantages to determine which choice best fulfills your requirements.

Glass body

Benefits of glass:

  1. Small to medium-sized glass aquariums are typically less expensive.
  2. These are more durable and less susceptible to damage than acrylic.
  3. These are more easily accessible.

Drawbacks of glass:

  1. It is heavier than acrylic.
  2. If it gets damaged, it is quite difficult to repair.
  3. It is only available in a few different shapes.

Vepotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit has a glass material and a well-built body. It is also quite long-lasting.

Acrylic body

Benefits of acrylic:

  1. Lighter and easier to relocate. 
  2. If you are looking for designs, there is a lots of variabilities.
  3. It’s simple to drill holes and add attachments.

Drawbacks of acrylic:

  1. Gets damaged easily.
  2. Over time, it may fade and get discoloured.
  3. Prices tend to be higher.

If you prefer acrylic aquariums, then JBJ Nano Cube DX Aquarium is the best choice for you.

Advantages of using a nano aquarium

There are several advantages of using a nano aquarium over a larger one. But it generally depends on the buyer and his preferences. But since you now know what a nano aquarium is, let’s also discuss why you should consider a nano aquarium.

So here are all of the benefits of a nano aquarium:

  1. First and foremost, you save a lot of money. They are often less expensive, and because they are smaller, they require less lighting, rock or gravel, and substrate materials. You use less synthetic sea salt if you have a saltwater tank, and it consumes less power.
  2. You need to understand that keeping a fish tank can be very costly, thus a solution like this is intrinsically appealing because it is less pricey. In fact, several people who have larger tanks purchase a nano aquarium to expand their collection.
  3. It also takes up less room. As a result, a nano aquarium is a far better choice for a hostel room or small room than a huge 30-gallon tank. That means they’re less likely to get in the way, and you can just leave them on your table.
  4. It’s also not very heavy. When it comes to 125-gallon tank systems, weight becomes an issue because your floor may not be able to support all of that weight. Some nano tanks are so light that you can easily relocate them every few days.
  5. The upkeep is also simplified. Cleaning the water takes far less time when only a few gallons are involved, as opposed to cleaning 30 gallons. And for a large tank of 125 gallons it is even more tideous and time consuming.

Disadvantages of a nano aquarium

Nano aquariums, however, are not a good choice when it comes to some other factors, like:

  1. The first obvious limitation is the size and number of fish that can be accommodated inside. You’re only allowed up to two fish, and if you have more than one, make sure they’re not aggressive. 
  2. If you are an amateur fishkeeper then this aquarium might not be for you. Some fishkeepers like me love having fish of all kinds and while some small fishes like guppy and molly can look beautiful, there are some larger fish that can look even gorgeous and regal in their prime.
  3. Let’s consider a goldfish. We can all agree that one of the most common aquarium pets is goldfish. They can be accommodated conveniently in a 10-gallon tank. But have you ever seen them in ponds? Their wavy tails can look beautiful so much more if they are allowed to grow in a larger space.
  4. Aside from Goldfish, there are some majestic species that are specially meant for larger tanks. For example, Oscars, Discus, and Plecostomus can only be reared in a large tank. If you are fond of one of these then nano aquarium will surely disappoint you.
  5. When you make a mistake, there isn’t much room for rectification. If you put too much food in the extra food fuels the growth of germs, which can quickly contaminate such a limited area. A larger tank, on the other hand, mitigates the impact of these errors.
  6. Accidents can potentially have far-reaching consequences far more quickly. Consider the possibility of a broken water heater. The temperature change in a larger tank occurs over a considerably longer duration of time. It simply takes a few hours for a nano system. So, if your heater quits shortly after you leave for an outing, you can come home to find dead fish.


What size tank is considered a nano?

Fishkeepers generally characterize a nano tank as a glass tank with a volume less than a standard aquarium (60 x 30 x 30 cm) of 54 liters.

How many fish can you put in a nano tank?

As a standard guide, two fish can be kept for every gallon of water in your tank. They should be maintained in schools of at least six to make sure that they feel secure and comfortable in their habitat.

What do you feed Nano fish?

Small nano fish cannot eat or ingest large amounts of food. Smaller foods, such as granules or powder, are preferable. Larger animals, on the other hand, need to be fed appropriately.

Are Nano Tanks hard to keep?

Contrary to common misconception, micro reef tanks are not challenging to maintain if correctly set up. As with any other aquarium, you must make frequent water changes and monitor your water conditions.

Our Verdict

A nano tank is a small aquarium that holds less than 10 gallons of water. It is an excellent choice if you live in a small apartment or want something calming and intriguing for your office desk.

Despite their small size, nano tanks require the same basic upkeep as more extensive systems. Taking care of a nano tank, on the other hand, is significantly less time-consuming and expensive than taking care of a full-size system.

Before purchasing your new nano tank, thoroughly research your fish species. Choose gentle, suitable species that will not grow too big, and avoid territorial and violent species.

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