A desktop aquarium is a small aquarium usually designed to keep on top of a table or a desktop.

I wanted an aquarium on my study table too, as it looks beautiful and may also help me concentrate. Keeping a desktop aquarium in your office or home can lighten up your mood, and it will definitely look smart, stylish and comfortable to relax in.

So surfed online through various websites and pages for the best desktop aquarium for my room, and there were so many options available on the market.

I have been through almost all possible reviews and comments during my search so that I could buy a perfect tank that will not take much space but become an ideal home for my fish. 

As you read ahead, I was able to list down the ten best desktop aquarium fish with their genuine reviews with proper research. You can go through this list of options and find the best tank for your betta fish.

10 Best Desktop Aquarium

Fluval Hagen HG Flex Aquarium 57L, 15gal, Black

This is a freshwater aquarium, and due to its size, you can also call it a nano aquarium. And it has an all-in-one form factor that allows it to fit in any space but might be hard for small desks. It is a 15 gallons fish tank and just perfect for desktops.

The aquarium is made of high clarity curved glass, and the aquarium also has internal LED lighting with lights of different colours. You can control these lights and their timings with a remote control that comes with the kit.

It has a triple-layered filtration system that does a good job of keeping the water clean. The filtration system has a foam filter to trap unwanted particles like debris, excess amount of fish food or even bits of algae.

There is a section for biofiltration to eliminate ammonia and nitrites, which are extremely harmful and can cause severe stress in fish, leading to several diseases. A water pump fitted inside the tank regulates the water and passes it through the layers of filtration.

The filtration system is good but not long-lasting; as said by many people in the reviews, the filter pump stops working after one year and loses suction.

What we like:: 

  • High-quality glass
  • Good filtration system 
  • Easy to fit into any space

What we dislike: 

  • Filter os not durable

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration

This nano aquarium has a capacity of five gallons and, despite having enough capacity, does not really take up much space at all. It will look great on the top of your desk with its great look.

The aquarium has rounded corners and clear glass and has LED lights hanging over it. The lighting system has a white light setting and a blue light setting. The LED lights have different modes with both shiny and soft glows day and night.

The white light is for daytime to enhance natural light, while the blue light is for nights. A three-stage filtration system in place that cleans the water quite thoroughly and a filter cartridge that eliminates debris and gets rid of chemical impurities and odours.

This aquarium comes with a three side open frame. It is extremely easy to feed, maintain and clean this aquarium. All you have to do is slide back the canopy cover to feed the fish or clean the tank. 

Though considered to be a five gallons tank, the inbuilt filter is too big, taking almost one-third of the tank’s section, leaving less space for your fish and aquatic plants to live in. 

What we like:: 

  • Lights have different modes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good filtration system

What we dislike: 

  • The filter takes too much space

​Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

This is easy to set up and takes only seconds to assemble, and the perforated and would be perfect as a desktop aquarium. With its filtration system, you will only need to clean the aquarium once every three months.  

It works best for small tanks keeping the tank clean and fish healthy, but filtration is not enough for the larger tank. The Unique cube-shaped aquarium amazing design of the aquarium is very modern, and the glass on all sides make it appear quite weightless. 

This tank also has 21 LED lights, of which 18 are white lights, and 3 are blue lights. The LEDs create clear and natural-looking lighting that makes fish and plant colours look strikingly vibrant and your tank beautiful.

You don’t have to compromise anything for making it look beautiful, as the LED Lighting, filtration and wiring is easily hidden away in the decorative column.

The tank glass looks clear and gives a nice viewpoint, but the aquarium is quite delicate, so you must handle it with care, or else the glass may crack.

Pros :

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unique design 
  • Good LED lights

What we dislike: 

  • The aquarium is very delicate

biOrb Halo Aquarium

This aquarium is perfect for desktop aquarium due to its size and unique circular design. It fits perfectly in any place and would be great for your desk as it looks really beautiful and unique.

The material from which it is constructed is high-quality acrylic material that is nearly ten times stronger than glass and also so light that you can easily pick it up and keep its maintenance and cleaning.

Even the transparency rating is very high, giving the viewers a clean and super clear look inside the tank. And the filtration system works well in keeping the fish healthy and the tank crystal clear.

It also comes with multi-colour remote controlled LED lighting with sixteen pre-set colours and brightness control. You can also control the brightness, making these controls. The airline is subtly hidden away in one of the feet at the back of the tank.

The only problem with this tank is that after using it for a few months, the bottom of the tank starts to leak.

What we like:

  • High-quality material
  • High transparency rating 
  •  Good lighting system 

What we dislike: 

  • Bottom of the tank leaks after a few months of use 

Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

The first good thing about this aquarium tank is that the fish tank kit is fully equipped with everything you need to get started. 

It also includes radish and wheatgrass seeds, a water conditioner, a growing medium for your seeds to take root, a water de-chlorinator, fish food, and even a fish coupon. If you plan to set up a planted betta tank, the filter works great as the fish’s flow is not too strong. 

Not only fishes, but you can also put your shrimp in there, and they will survive without any problem. The construction of this aquarium kit is perfect as you will never have any cracking or leaking issues with being strong and non-cracking.

It is a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows fresh food up top, The fish waste fertilises the plants on top, and the plants clean the water. The different look makes this aquarium kit very appealing, attracting buyers with its great little three gallons tank. 

You can definitely consider putting your little pet fish in this tank, but the only drawback is its pump is too strong for the small fishes as they might get sucked in.

What we like:

  • Unique planted design
  • Does not leak 
  • Self-cleaning system

What we dislike: 

  •  The pump is too strong for the fishes

Hagen Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit

This 2.65-gallon aquarium kit has a modern look with a cube design and a glass-hinged lid along with an eye-catching black background. This desktop aquarium with many functional features designed to make setup and maintenance as easy as possible

The kit includes a built-in integrated filtration system that is quiet and does not cause much noise, and your fish will feel calm. Along with being quiet, the filtration system keeps your fish tank clean and healthy.

The pump draws water from the bottom and cycles it back at the top end in a nice gentle flow, providing water circulation at a constant rate. It also has bright custom LED light bulbs that shine clear into the aquarium tank and can be used in a cold or tropical environment.

The plastic edges are light-green tinted to simulate real glass. This tank might not be suitable for big fishes, but it is perfect for putting small fishes like goldfish and bettas and suitable for shrimps.

Even though the tank is small and fits anywhere, be it desktop or shelf. But the lights are not much durable as they stop working after a few months.

What we like::

  • Excellent filtration
  • Good lighting system
  • Eye-catching modern design
  • Perfect tank for small fishes

What we dislike:

  • Lights are not durable

Penn Plax Simplicity 5.5 Desktop Aquarium

This aquarium kit looks absolutely beautiful and stylish at your home and goes with any decor, along with being very easy to set up. It has a unique cube all side transparent design for viewing from every side and holds a maximum of 5.5 gallons.

It also has a small buddhas statue elevating the whole look. The tank is made up of good quality material that is strong and durable and offers a clear and great view of your aquarium and open space for your fish. 

It is a Glass aquarium with a plastic lid, and You will not face any issues with the filter. And the LED changing lights are also a super neat option for changing the mood. The filter, LEDs, and tank itself is very durable and will stay with you for a long time.

The aquarium kit has a standard white LED that comes with an easy on and off switch. It has an excellent filtration system with a good amount of surface area and a facility to deal with excess waste collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of this cube tank. 

The drawback of this desktop aquarium kit is that it is a freshwater aquarium and is not suitable for marine water fishes.

What we like:: 

  • Excellent filtration system 
  • Brilliant and unique design
  • Good light system
  • Durable 

What we dislike: 

  • Only freshwater aquarium

Aqueon Jukebox 5 LED Fish Tank Aquarium Kit

This aquarium kit would be great for your small fish as it is a nice curved glass aquarium. It has a sleek and contemporary aquarium, due to which you can get a nice view of your tank from multiple angles.

This kit seemed extremely easy to assemble with being beautifully designed and easy to maintain. The USB ports allow for the connection of any audio device using the headphone jack without words.

It also has a good hidden filtration system that is advanced three-stag. The filtration is not in your sight but gives a good contribution to keeping the water clean for your bettas and clear for enhancing aquarium viewing.

It comes equipped with LEDs, and the LED lights hinged to the tank and are of bright white and create a nice shimmering effect.

The only problem you might face with this aquarium kit is that its vibrations can cause stress and more than sometimes will put your fish into shock and die. 

What we like:

  • Modern outstanding design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good filtration system
  • It comes along with free-standing speakers 

What we dislike: 

  • Too much vibration for the fish

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit, White

The Aquarium Kit is a freshwater aquarium kit having brilliant illumination and excellent multistage filtration with convenient aquarium features.

The contemporary design seems really nice. The best part about this aquarium kit is its light that makes your aquatic atmosphere stand out, and it has three separate compartments that house up to three small fish or crustaceans.

The fill indicator window shows internal water level at a quick glance, and the lights seem to be very well sealed, and there have been no issues. The lights are very bright but not that bright to cause disturbance to the fish,

It comes with an internal pump with an adjustable flow rate that provides a waterfall of filtered water throughout the three chambers.

The filtration system is top-notch, keeping the water clean and suitable for your betta fishes to live. The only drawback of this tank is that there is no lid on the tank, so your fish may jump out of the tank.

What we like:: 

  • Modern and excellent design 
  • Brilliant illumination 
  • Good filtration system

What we dislike:

  • Come without a lid

EcoQubeC Aquarium – Desktop Betta Fish Tank For Living Office And Home Décor

This aquarium kit has a modern look with a good design and a lights-hinged lid on the top of the aquarium along with an eye-catching black background. 

The kit includes a quiet built-in filtration system that does not cause much noise, and your fish will feel calm. Along with being quiet, the filtration system keeps your fish tank clean and healthy.

You can also customise your filtration needs by adding or removing the filter media as needed. It also has bright LED light bulbs that shine clear into the aquarium tank and are low voltage and safe. 

The lights give a good illumination, lighting up the whole tank. It also comes with a remote for controlling the lights.

Even though the tank is small and fits anywhere and is perfect for putting small fishes like goldfish and bettas and is suitable for shrimps, the built-in filter takes filter is too strong for the fish to swim.

What we like::

  • Excellent filtration
  • Eye-catching modern design
  • Perfect tank for small fishes
  • Low maintenance 

What we dislike:

  • The filter is too strong for fish

Buying Guides

You need to be careful while choosing an aquarium as there are so many factors that need to be taken into account in order for you to get the best desktop aquarium for your room or office desk.

Keep reading ahead, as Given below are some important points and information that will help in putting your money into the best choice:

Things to consider while selecting the best desktop aquarium

Choose equipped tanks

When you are planning on buying a desktop aquarium, it is always best to go with the option fitted with everything that an aquarium should have. 

Normally, average and large size aquarium kits come with every basic and extreme necessary feature already included. Still, even small aquarium kits are not lacking in providing the best living environment possible.

Make sure that your aquarium kit includes important features like a CO2 Regulator, a good and proper Aquarium Sponge Filters, internal tank decor, aquarium lights, etc. These are some important features for your tank to become the perfect home for your fish.

Even when comparing several desktop aquarium options, choose the one that has more features and facilities equipped with it. It is understandable that it’s impossible to keep all the features in a compact tank, but you don’t want to buy just an empty tank for your dear fish as well.

You can buy extra external pieces of equipment as per the suitable size of your aquarium, but that would need additional investment and also take a bit more space on your table. 

The available space  

It is always advisable that, before looking for any type of aquarium, be it a tiny one or a big bish tank, always measure the place where you are going to place it and the dimensions of the aquarium so that it will fit there perfectly.

The size and shape of your aquarium will depend on the area and space available on your desk or the place where you intend to keep your desktop aquarium. This makes it an important factor that you will have to consider when selecting an aquarium for your home or office.

If there is very limited space for the aquarium on your desk, you will have to go for aquariums that are compact and will be able to fit better into the given area. 

Size and shape of the Aquarium

Even aquarium tanks are available in different sizes, and shapes like some are cube, while some are square. We even get to see small circular shaped aquariums these days getting popular for giving an advanced look.

As we have already seen in the above section, “The size and shape of your aquarium will depend on the area and space that is available on your desk or the place where you intend to keep your desktop aquarium”.

I’ll help you to understand this better. If you want to have a fish tank for your betta and you want a 5 gallons aquarium but, there is space for only a 3-gallon aquarium on your desk.

Then you can consider buying a vertically elongated tank or a tank with height to increase the water holding capacity of the tank, and your cute little pet will get more area in its new home to swim around.

You can buy a horizontal rectangular tank if you have enough space. Some people also buy small cube tanks and small circular tanks as they look very cute and give a very nice and different look to your table decor.

Apart from the plain traditional aquariums, there are other aquariums with different and advanced designs that will just blow your mind with their beautiful look.

Filter size and power

Having a filter in your small aquarium is one of the most important features of a fish tank. This is because your fish keeps producing waste regularly, and as it’s a small tank, it is easy to get the waste to accumulate and decrease the water quality.

You might have to change the water and clean the tank regularly, and if not done properly and regularly, this could make your aquarium water and environment unfit for the survival of aquatic life.

When you are searching for small aquariums for your desktop, you may go through several filter options. Some aquariums may come with an inbuilt filtration system, some may come with a hang-on filter, and some may come with no filter with the aquarium kit.

For such options, you may need to buy separate filters. Make sure your filter is not too big to take too much space in the tank, as there will not be much space for your fish to swim.

If your tank does not have enough space to keep a submerged filter, then you can just buy one to keep it outside the tank. This might not be that attractive to look at, but at least your fish won’t die.

Avoid choosing filters that have strong suction power or produce strong streams, as this could be a huge problem for your aquatic pets, especially as it is a small fish tank. 

This is because all fishes are not fond of and are not used to living in strong water stream environment, only a few types of fishes can handle the strong water stream, and as it is a small fish tank, it is really easy for fishes to get caught up in the suction pump and water streams.

Go through reviews

When buying anything online, we always check for the reviews and comments of the people who already purchased the product and used it, and after going through it, we decide if we want to buy the product or not.

You have to do the same when searching for a desktop aquarium, go through the reviews and comments of the people, and you will know the important stuff of that aquarium if it works well or not or is worth buying.

This may sound a bit time consuming, but we have already done the hardest part for you with the list provided above. You can just compare the prices and features and select the best option for you.

If you have loads of free time in your hands, you can surf around more and compare the reviews and features for selecting the option that would top your list.

Cost of the Aquarium

It is true that a small fish tank cannot invite all the features that a large fish tank can, but still, some basic features that will keep your tank healthy are expectable.

When choosing a desktop aquarium, compare several options and go with the one that provides more features at a minimal cost. Before buying, you must go through the reviews to know if the parts are working properly or not at that price.  


There are so many things that you should consider before buying an aquarium tank. With the wide variety of options available in the market, it is extremely easy to get stuck and confused about which tank is best suited to be kept on your desk to become the home of your little pets. I hope that the reviewed list and the buying guide I provided helped you choose the best desktop aquarium.

David William

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