Betta fish are among the most popular and beautiful tropical freshwater pet fish in the world. The long flowing fins, elaborate and flashy colors, and iridescent scale makes them more attractive and eye-catching.

I find them amazing as there are many different varieties of betta fish that you can find in almost every pet store. One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they come in various colors, patterns, and tail variations. 

Along with being beautiful, they’re cheap too and easier to be taken care of than many fishes, but that doesn’t mean they do not need special care. They need proper conditions to live in, too, and for that, you need an appropriate tank.

I have searched and surfed over multiple aquarium tanks options and have been through more than thousands of reviews and comments in search of the best tank for betta fish,

As you read ahead, I was able to list down the ten best tanks for betta fish with their genuine reviews with proper research. You can go through this list of options and find the best tank for your betta fish.

10 Best Tank For Betta Fish – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. biOrb Cube 30 Aquarium with LED

This aquarium kit looks absolutely beautiful and stylish at your home and goes with any decor, along with being very easy to set up. It has a unique cube all side transparent design for viewing from every side.

The tank is made up of good quality material that is strong and durable and offers a clear and great view of your aquarium and open space for keeping aquarium sculptures and decor. 

You will not face any issues with the filter, and the LED changing lights are also a super neat option for changing the mood. The filter, LEDs, and tank itself is very durable and will stay with you for a long time.

The aquarium kit has a standard white LED that comes with an easy on and off switch. It has an excellent filtration system with a good amount of surface area and a facility to deal with excess waste collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of this cube tank. 

The drawbacks of this kit were its high price, and the opening on the top of the tank is kind of small and inconvenient when you try to reach in to change and try to move anything or clean.


  • Excellent filtration system 
  • Brilliant and unique design
  • Good light system
  • Durable 


  • Too expensive
  • Small opening

2. Aqueon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit

The first good thing about this aquarium tank is that you can add a timer to the existing light but not the moonlight as it is manual from the switch. 

If you plan to set up a planted betta tank, the filter works great as the flow is not too strong for the fish. Not only betta, but you can also put your shrimp in there, and they will survive without any problem.

The different look makes this aquarium kit very appealing, attracting buyers with its great little nine gallons tank. 

There is an opening in the lid next to the filter for the addition of an aquarium heater. The construction of this aquarium kit is perfect as you will never have any cracking or leaking issues with being strong and non-cracking.

You can definitely consider putting your betta fishes in this tank, but the only drawback is its filter that does not seem much long-lasting. The filters do not seem to last longer than a month. 


  • Timer on the lights
  • Does not leak 


  •  The filter is not long-lasting 

3. Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

This Marineland Portrait Kit would be great for your betta fish as it is a five-gallon curved glass aquarium. It has rounded corners and a clear glass canopy, due to which you can get a nice view of your tank from multiple angles.

This kit seemed extremely easy to assemble with being beautifully designed and easy to maintain. That also includes a base and a unique glass canopy that slides to the back of the aquarium.

It also has a good hidden filtration system that is advanced three-staged, and the filtration is not in your sight but gives a good contribution for keeping the water clean for your bettas and clear for enhancing aquarium viewing.

The lights are energy-efficient LED lights hinged to the tank and are of bright white and blue color. Bright white LEDs create a nice shimmering sunlight effect, while the blue LEDs produce a moonlit glow.

The LEDs are hinged for easy access and have a sliding glass canopy. The only problem you might face with this aquarium kit is its poor construction. The tank leaks, creating a mess on the floor. 


  • Nice design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good filtration system


  • Not proper construction

4. Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit is a freshwater aquarium kit having a capacity of 9 gallons that has brilliant illumination and excellent multistage filtration with convenient aquarium features.

The contemporary design seems really nice. The best part about this aquarium kit is its light that makes your aquatic atmosphere stand out amongst the others, with white lights and adjustable LEDs shining over your fishes and plants.

Because the lid is so close to the water’s surface, there is a lot of splashing onto the light, but the lights seem to be very well sealed, and there have been no issues. The lights are very bright at full intensity but can be dimmed. 

The LED lamp is dimmable and promotes plant growth too. You can choose from different hues for an endless selection of color blends and special effects options. 

The filtration system is top-notch, keeping the water clean and suitable for your betta fishes to live. The only drawback of this tank is that the LED lights are not very durable as they stop working after a few weeks.


  • Nice design 
  • Brilliant illumination 
  • Good filtration system

Cons :

  • Lights are not durable

5. Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit

This is a freshwater aquarium kit with a capacity of nearly five gallons and is a contemporary-looking glass aquarium with a cover. And due to their special sleek design, they look great and are easy to keep and handle in a small area.

It comes with an overhanging led lighting system, and the LED lamps seem really powerful that arches above the aquarium to provide a good amount of illumination for plants, fishes, and the surrounding. 

The aquarium includes a powerful circulation pump with an adjustable output nozzle. The filtration system is large and powerful, cleaning out perfectly that provides more than enough filtration for ultra clean and clear water. 

The pump and filtration system are conveniently located in a separate chamber at one end of the aquarium that makes it easy to maintain. 

Although the filtration system is adjustable but still even after adjusting the filter at the lowest count, the flow of current seemed too strong for a betta fish to live peacefully as both the intake and pump push and pull it around.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely good filtration
  • Powerful lighting system


  • Filtration flow of water current is too strong


6. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Even if you have the least knowledge of aquariums, you will not have any trouble with assembling this marina LED aquarium five gallons kit, as it is extremely easy to set up.

The slim filter is nice looking and easy to put together and install. The color of the filter is not as distracting as full black. The aquarium filter keeps your water clear and uses quick-change filter cartridges.

The tank itself is fairly attractive and sturdy. Even after using it for a longer period of time, you will not experience this tank having cracks or leaking from any part. The water conditioner even makes tap water safe for fish.

You actually get a Fluval conditioner and bio enhancer with this kit. Not only this, but this kit also includes fish food to keep fish healthy that making this aquarium kit quite a good match for betta fishes.

The bright LED lights are long-lasting that produce an amazing natural daylight effect, and the aquarium lighting module is incorporated into the fish tank’s canopy. This kit does not come with a heater, so you have to purchase a separate heater.

Pros :

  • Easy to set up
  • This kit also includes fish food
  • Durable 

Cons :

  • It does not come with a heater

7. Aqueon LED Mini Bow Aquarium Kit

This aquarium kit has a good design, and the elevated base adds an extra point to its design. It is really easy to assemble and does not require continuous maintenance, and looks great in any room.

The lid had very few cut-outs, and there is a gap in the cover along the length of the back where you could run cables and the airline. 

There are a couple of scuffs in the acrylic right along the front side, but it is strong. It’s also really nice that there is a separate cord for the LED lights, and not only that, but you can separate the lid and a few inches of cable from the rest of the cord.

There is a nice switch on the longer section of the cord for turning off the light without unplugging it. There is also a feeding hole that’s cut in the front of the lid that you can cover too, but it’s easy to open the top up so you can feed your bettas. 

The filter does its job well, too but does not stay quiet while working and results in causing noise that sometimes can be irritating for you and for your betta as well. This was the only drawback of this aquarium kit.


  • Convenient feeding
  • Good filtration
  • Easy to assemble


  • Noisy filter

8. Tetra Curved-Front Tank with LEDs Crescent Aquarium Kit

This aquarium kit is perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even goes well in your dorm room. It is extremely easy to assemble and all you have to do is add water to the tank, add on the filter and decor of your choice and finally add your bettas.

This kit includes a seamless and curved front aquarium, a black cover, and a base frame. It also has bright white LED lighting that is quite efficient in energy with a low voltage power adapter hidden inside the low-profile black cover.

It also includes an internal filter. The filter is pretty good and does its job perfectly. The filter pulls water from the aquarium and pushes it through the filter cartridges, where the dense, dual-sided mesh catches debris and waste.

You may need to add a heater to this kit as it does not have a heat-regulating system. However, this aquarium is still appropriate for keeping your fishes and even community tropical fishes like bettas.

Another thing about this tank is that it does not seem to be made of a good glass or some good quality material. Rather it appears to be made of cheap quality fiber.


  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Good filter
  • Easy to set up


  • It is not made of good quality fiber 
  • It does not include a heater

9. Penn Plax Prism Nano Aquarium Kit

This two-gallon plastic nano tank aquarium kit has a modern look with a cube design and a glass-hinged lid along with an eye-catching black background. 

The kit includes a built-in integrated filtration system that is quiet and does not cause much noise, and your bettas will feel calm. Along with being quiet, the filtration system keeps your fish tank clean and healthy.

You can also customize your filtration needs by adding or removing the filter media as needed. It also has bright LED light bulbs that shine clear into the aquarium tank and are low voltage and safe. 

According to many reviews, the lights were too bright for the fishes, as they were hiding from it. This tank might not be suitable for big fishes, but it is perfect for putting small fishes like goldfish and bettas and suitable for shrimps.

Even though the tank is small and fits anywhere, the built-in filter takes too much space leaving only three-fourths of the tank space for the fishes to swim and put your decorative items.


  • Excellent filtration
  • Eye-catching modern design
  • Perfect tank for small fishes


  • Lights are too bright
  • The built-in filter takes too much space

10. biOrb Flow Aquarium

You will find this aquarium really easy to set up, even if you know nothing about aquariums and tanks. It is constructed of such material that is ten times stronger than the normal glass making your tank long-lasting and giving strength.

Along with being light in weight and easy to lift, it has a good transparency rating which makes it easy to keep a look at your fish and decor. It comes with an excellent filtration system that keeps your tank clean.

It is easy to maintain, too, as you just have to replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water, and any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base. 

It also has a built-in LED lighting system and is very much suitable for keeping small fish or shrimp and also quite good suited for keeping bettas as well. It does not take much space and is compact enough to place on your desk or in a small space. 

The drawbacks of this tank are its filter current that is too strong for fishes like betta, and the air pump that comes with the tank is insanely loud.


  • Excellent filtration system
  • Durable tank
  • Does not take much space


  • Current too strong
  • The air pump is insanely loud

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tank For Bettea Fish

Betta fishes are indeed popular and adorable. They are spunky, and they will become your favorite pet because of their bold and bright colors. Not only this, but they come at a low cost; hence, people worldwide are their fans.

Handling fish is not a child’s play as it’s a matter of handling the life of living organisms, and you don’t want your fish to struggle.

Bettas are often considered an easy starter fish by many people. Still, they are mostly unaware of the specialized requirements that are needed to keep your betta fish healthy, comfy, and survive without struggling. 

If you plan to decorate your kitchen or living room with a beautiful aquarium tank along with a betta fish in it, it is extremely necessary for you to buy the best-suited tank for your betta fish. 

But it is not that easy to find the best tank for betta fish, therefore, here are some important points that you should keep in mind when purchasing as you will need it for quite a long term and it will also be a home for your beloved pet.

Material of construction

It is extremely important to keep your eyes on the material from which your tank is made of. When talking about the construction of a fish tank for betta fish, avoid tanks that are made of plastic.

Plastic tanks have less durability and are easy to get scratches and visual distortions. Therefore you should tend more to tanks made up of acrylic, or a more appropriate choice could be glass. 

Acrylic tanks are lighter but can easily become scratched or discolored. On the other hand, glass tanks are stronger and more affordable. Your tank will never get yellow or fog and does not create as much visual distortion as plastic tanks.

Capacity of tank

You might always have seen betta fishes in small bowls and small tanks when you go to aquarium and fish shops, but that is not the correct way of keeping a betta when you plan to keep one at your home.

They should not be kept in bowls as they need space to swim around; therefore, Therefore they should ideally be in a five-gallon glass tank or more.

There are more chances of the water quality becoming toxic quicker in smaller spaces which can be dangerous to the betta fish. Hence, a little bigger tank allows the betta fish to do normal activity and have less buildup of toxins in their environment.

Use tanks with proper Filter

A tank without a filter is incomplete, especially if you buy it as a new home for your bettas. The filter plays a key role in the health of your tank and the aquatic lives living in it.

In case if you choose not to use a proper filter when keeping a betta, it definitely is a big responsibility as you will need to do more large water changes per week, so the water does not become toxic for the fish.

A filter is a much better option for you as well as for your betta as it will save so much of your cleaning time, and your betta stays in clean water and stays healthy. It also helps to aerate the water. 

The Right Temperature for Bettas

Keeping the proper temperature is a prior point when you keep a betta as a temperature lower than 74 degrees is too cold for your betta fish and room temperature water is normally 68 degrees.

Therefore, keeping the betta fish at normal room temperature may not be a good choice as it becomes too cold and prolonged periods in cold water shorten your fish’s life.

Not only this, but bettas stop eating in very cold waters and have less access to oxygen, making your fish drowsy and may also hover near the bottom of the tank trying to get warm.

Keeping the bowl or tank in a warmer location in the house may help, but it isn’t a perfect solution as it might keep your bettas warm in the daytime but not at night. It is more challenging when you live in cold climates.

So the best solution to this problem is to keep the fish in a heated aquarium, or you can also consider adding a heater to your fish tank. You can also put a mini-heater in your bowl, but it’s quite difficult to maintain the proper temperature in a bowl. 

Proper lighting 

You don’t need to give too bright or too intense lights as bettas don’t like such lights. Instead, the standard aquarium lights are perfect. 

Some tanks also have moonlighted or nightlights for nights that are mild and glow enough to keep your bettas calm without panicking and have rest. Now, this was about the lighting, but bettas also require darkness.

You should provide your Betta fish with an adequate amount of darkness so that they can sleep at night. They will need around twelve hours of darkness within a twenty-four-hour period to stay healthy.


There are so many things that should be considered before buying an aquarium tank. With the wide variety of options available in the market, it is extremely easy to get stuck and confused about which tank is best suited to become the home of your bettas and I hope that the reviewed list and the buying guide provided by me helped you in choosing the best tank for betta fish.

David William

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