Any water testing kit is incomplete without testing strips. Testing your aquarium water is really important as aquarium tanks require regular maintenance.

I have an aquarium at my home, and my fish started to act weird and seemed sick. Then I realized something must be wrong with the water. It’s not just about filling your tank up and letting it do its thing. 

You need to keep testing and changing your tank’s water regularly. It will ensure that dangerous ranges of ammonia, nitrites, and other harmful substances don’t build up to hazardous concentrations, and the tank stays healthy. You can also check out the best self-cleaning fish tank if you don’t want to clean the water on a regular basis.

Suppose you want to know water concentrations and the level and amount of substances present in water to keep your water quality in regular check. In that case, water testing strips are the quickest way to get instant results.

Therefore, I went online to search for the best aquarium test strips that would work best for my fish tank so that I could provide a better living environment for my fish.

While searching and having been through various test strips options till now and their true and genuine reviews and comments so that I make a proper choice for my fish, I will help you make the appropriate choice.

As you read ahead, I was able to list down the ten best aquarium test strips with their genuine reviews with proper research. You can go through this list of options and find the best aquarium test strips to keep your aqueriums water quality in check.

9 Best Aquarium Test Strips – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. SJ WAVE 6 in 1 Aquarium Test Strip

This is a convenient and ready-to-use kit for testing your aquarium water. It is used for testing the most critical parameters in fish tanks, i.e., pH, Chlorine, General Hardness, Carbonate Hardness, Nitrate, Nitrite.

These are the six testing parameters of the strip, and along with this, this kit also comes with a thermometer that helps in keeping the temperature of your fish tank’s water in check.

These strips come with a detailed color chart. It helps detect the low levels of impurities and foreign substances and does an excellent job at preventing any invisible water problems and keeping your fish safe.

There is no need to head out to get your tank water checked as you just have to dip the strip in water and compare it with the color chart provided with the kit, and you will get instant results.

It can be used to test cold water or tropical fish tanks, plant aquariums, fish ponds, and any other freshwater aquariums. According to many reviews, the only drawback of these strips is that it shows the wrong nitrate level.


  • Easy to use
  • It also comes with a thermometer to check the temperature of the water
  • It can be used in multiple types of aquarium


  • It shows the wrong nitrate level

2. API Water Test Kit

This API water test kit is a freshwater test kit used only for testing freshwater aquariums, and it includes seven bottles of testing solutions, one color card, and four glass tubes with caps on them.

It helps in monitoring water quality by giving exact and accurate water readings and you can prevent the invisible water pollutants that can be harmful to fish by treating the water properly on time.

It helps monitor the five most vital water parameters levels in freshwater aquariums: pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. You can use it for weekly monitoring and when water or fish problems appear.

The caps on the test tube do not prevent the chemicals from leaking out when shaken as the cap is loose. This can be unsafe for children or adults as some of the chemicals used in these tests have serious safety warnings for skin and eye contact.

Another drawback of these aquarium testing strips is that it is limited to being used only for freshwater aquarium and not any other.


  • Accurate readings
  • Quick testing
  • Monitor the five most vital water parameters levels


  • Chemicals leak due to the loose cap
  • Only suitable to be used for freshwater aquariums

3. Tetra EasyStrips 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips

Many factors can affect the water in your aquarium – including the source of your water, the food you feed your fish, the amount of algae growth, and much more. These Tetra EasyStrips Test Strips provide an instant result.

You can use it weekly in both freshwater and saltwater tanks, which is the biggest plus point of these strips.

They are easy to use, fast result showing, and are perfect for regularly testing your water levels with minimal efforts for maintaining a healthy, safe aquarium environment for your fish to live and survive in.

You will get a complete all-in-one testing by just dipping quickly in your aquarium water wait 60 seconds, and getting readings on chlorine alkalinity nitrite, water hardness nitrate, and pH levels.

The biggest drawback of this is its color confusing chart. After dipping it in the water to be tested, the nitrate indicator on the test strip does not correspond with the colors indicated on the guide chart.  It makes it difficult to tell where your levels are. 


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results 
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater


  • Confusing color chart

4. BOSIKE Aquarium Test Strips 6 in 1

You can monitor your water quality of complex chemical substances by yourself about total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, Cl2, carbonate, and pH at a time. Not only do these strips do their work properly, but they come at an affordable price, too, making it cost-efficient.

These aquarium test strips have wide applications for being used in tropical fish tanks, breeder tanks, ponds, betta tanks, and other water aquariums. You can test your aquarium water quality easily at regular intervals.

To get fast and accurate results, you have to just dip a strip into water for a couple of seconds and then remove it. Hold the strip horizontally for 60 seconds and then compare it with the color chart and read within 90 seconds.

All aquarium test strips are made of non-bleeding colors and high-quality fiber paper, making it fast result-giving, and easier to dip and match to get accurate results. One kit is enough to test and monitor your aquarium’s water quality.

The only problem many people faced as per the reviews was the square pads falling off the strips. A few strips had some squares detached and fell into the water. This can become a problem for getting a proper result. 


  • Cost-efficient 
  • Wide application
  • High-quality fiber


  • Square pads fall off

5. AQUA CARE PRO Freshwater Aquarium Test Strips

These Aqua Care Pro strips are best designed for aqueriums and ponds to test for General Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Carbonate Hardness, and Chlorine. You will get all these parameters in one strip.

The test results are in the proper range for aquarium and pond keeping and are more suitable for freshwater aquariums. The trips are wider and have non-bleeding colors, making them easier to hold, dip, and read.

These test strips are much faster and easier to use than liquid test kits, and you can easily monitor your aquarium’s water quality. This is a good solution for keeping tropical fish healthy and your tank looking beautiful.

The packaging is quite economical, and half of the strips are packaged separately to maintain freshness. Moreover, it is really cost-efficient as it comes in a really affordable range.

The only drawback of these aquarium test strips is that it shows inaccurate pH readings. The reading for other parameters and components seemed fine, but this was not the case with the pH readings.


  • Non-bleeding colors
  • Easy to use
  • Economic packing 
  • Cost-efficient 


  • Inaccurate pH reading

6. JNW Direct Aquarium Test Strips for Fish Tank

This company has shown good use of technology and products for selling and making the experience more convenient for the buyer, and this is the best thing about these aquarium test strips. 

They come with access to their own bonus-free mobile app. The app helps in keeping track, recording, and monitoring your aquarium environment with the help of a test strip. The app is available for IOS and android phones.

These fish tank test strips come with a great e-book explaining what your results mean and how you can keep your aquarium water in the right condition always to make sure that your fishes are healthy.

It is the ultimate home testing strips for your aquarium as it can be used to monitor nine water parameters. It tests for total hardness, free chlorine, iron, copper, nitrite, nitrate, pH, total alkalinity, and KH / carbonate.

The kit is useful for testing many parameters except for measuring the levels of ammonia present in water and also shows an inaccurate reading after running a test for chlorine testing.


  • It comes with a mobile app 
  • It comes with an e-book for explaining results and methods
  • Easy to use and maintain with the use of technological assistance


  • It does not test for ammonia
  • Inaccurate chlorine reading

7. Milliard Aquarium Test Strips

These Milliard aquarium test strips are great and provide excellent value for money as each bottle comes with hundred test strips, and that’s about enough to test your waters twice a week for a full year.

It is really easy to test using these strips with just a few easy steps given in the instructions. Read the instructions clearly, and after following them properly, you will get the results very quickly, just within sixty seconds. 

The test strips will tell you all you need to know about the chemicals in your freshwater or saltwater fish tank.

Each strip tests for seven parameters: pH, nitrite, total alkalinity, hardness, carbonate, free chlorine, and nitrate. Plus, every bottle comes with a comprehension card to help you understand your testing results.

The only drawback of these aquarium testing strips is that after dipping them into the water the colors blend with each other making it hard to read.


  • Fast results
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aqueriums


  • Colors blend, making it hard to read

8. Qguai Aquarium Test Strips

These aquarium test strips help you to monitor water levels of pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Carbonate, chlorine, alkalinity, iron, copper, hardness in both saltwater and freshwater ponds and aquariums.

You don’t have to run any private laboratory testing or mail-in analysis if you have these test strips in your hands. Use it best for weekly monitoring when water or fish problems appear.

All you have to do is dip these test strips into the pond or aquarium water, and then the colors on the strip pads change as per the concentration of the components present in the water. They produce very fast and accurate results. 

It is suggested that you have to keep it dry and away from light. They can last for up to twenty-four months. But according to many reviews, these strips worked well for a while, but after a month, they became inaccurate. 

Moisture seeped inside the sealed container and damaged the strips, therefore, decreasing the durability and longevity.


  • Accurate readings
  • Quick results


  • Not long-lasting accuracy

9. Capetsma 9 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips

These aquarium test strips are suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, or even pools. 

These aquarium test strips help in monitoring nine properties, all in just one strip. This involves testing pH, nitrate, nitrite, carbonate, general hardness, free chlorine, total alkalinity, iron, and copper levels.

It is really easy to test the water quality using these strips, and it is really quick in providing test results in seconds. Just dip a strip into liquid, pull it out and wait for a few seconds. After that compare it to the chart. 

It can help test the levels of all sorts of products such as drinking water, pools, spas, laundry, dishwasher, urine, and more. Also, it helps in monitoring your fish tank, ensuring your fish grow happier and healthier.

The only drawback of these test strips is that the test pads are placed too close to each other due to which the colors blend.


  • Quick and fast results
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • You can choose it to check a variety of water bodies


  • Positioning of test pads results in a blending of colors


Aquarium Test Strips Buyers Guide

Using aquarium test kits for regular weekly water testing or if any problem appears in your aquarium that might harm your fishes or aquatic lives is the easiest and most time-saving way to check the quality of water.

Monitor your fish tank, aquarium, ponds, or pools regularly, and then treat it properly to ensure your fishes grow happier and maintain a healthy environment in your tank.

If you want to prevent invisible water problems that can be really harmful to your fishes and other aquarium lives, then go through these points that you should keep in mind when choosing the best aquarium test strips:

Go through the reviews:

The first thing we do whenever we want to buy any product online is looking for the reviews and comments of the product to gather more genuine information to make sure if the product is worth buying.

The same goes with aquarium strips, and you will never know just by looking at the product unless you go through the experiences of people who are actually using it, whether it works or not, and its drawbacks.

There are many such cases commented by people in which the strips show accurate readings for maximum parameters whereas not for some, or the whole strip shows inaccurate readings as compared to the chart given.

Proper positioning and designing of pads:

If you have read the reviewed list of the best aquarium test strips provided, you will find people having troubles such as blending colors, not showing proper color, or falling pads when dipped into the water for testing.

This is mainly caused when the pads are packed very close to each other resulting in blending of color when dipped in water, and this could become a problem as you will not be able to get the correct reading and affect water treatment.

If the pads are located too far, this might not be an economical move because it will waste many strip areas. You might need to buy more strips to check different parameters rather than get just one strip for testing the same parameters. 

Quality of test strips:

Excellent quality test strips ensure accurate readings. Higher quality products might demand more money but provide satisfactory results. 

The manufacturing material also plays a big role in elevating the quality of the product and ensuring the longevity of your aquarium test strips, and getting accurate results for tests and you can take the relevant action to keep your tank healthy. 

Some low-quality test strips tend to dissolve when dipped in water or show inaccurate results. This will be a loss of both your money and time and sometimes harmful for your fish if you don’t make any quick actions.

Type of aquatic body and parameters:

Not every test strip is suitable for all types of water bodies. Some aquarium test strips are only applicable to be used in freshwater aquariums and ponds, while some can be used for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. 

Many test strips perform only a particular type of testing, so you must check all the parameters properly that the strip can test and the waterbody you want to test it on.

For example, you want to test ammonia content in the water, then look carefully if the strip performs an ammonia test. Before buying any aquarium test strips, you must examine if they suit your needs and your aquarium’s needs.

Aquarium test strips expiry: 

Aquarium test strips have a certain lifespan. If you keep your test strips properly in the correct storing conditions with the cap properly sealed, keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight, and your box of testing strips might last for an average of 1.5 years.

But when a long time is passed, the reagents in the color-changing pads start to break down over time, and you can not guarantee that the test results will be accurate when this happens. This is the time to buy a new kit.

On the other hand, if it is not kept properly, its shelf life may get decreed to two or three months or less and stop showing expected accurate results. 


It is extremely important to regularly keep monitoring your aquarium’s water pollutants contents as it is a crucial part of tank maintenance. Keeping the water in check ensures that unseen elements and chemicals won’t affect your fish’s health and the aquarium’s environment. 

Aquarium test strips have proven to be the fastest and easiest way of keeping your water quality in check, and you can take quick actions against any harmful outbreak. 

I hope this information helps you provide relevant information that will help you choose the best aquarium test strips for aquariums depending on your needs and help you keep your aquarium plants and animals healthier.

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