A well-kept freshwater aquarium with a thriving fish population can be improved by the addition of a showcase of natural aquatic vegetation. An astounding aquarium setup necessitates more upkeep and specialist skills than starter aquariums with artificial vegetation.

Although this process can be hectic, I assure you that the final outcome is well worth the extra time and money. But the main challenge that comes along with setting up an all-natural aquarium set, especially with plants, is the light source.

It is not possible to provide direct sunlight inside the tank, so thanks to science and technology, we have great LED light sources to do that job for us, and at the same time, add an extra spice of beauty to the tank.

Now, you can easily find these LED lights in the market, they are in plenty, but the trick here is maximum of them are inefficient, low-quality, and prone to damage. You may ask now, “Then how to find a good quality and genuine aquarium LED light.”

To provide an answer to this exact question, we are here. We have tried and tested more than a hundred LED lighting devices for your aquarium to find the best ones just for you. We found Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light among the top products to be the champion.

Considering the variety in the taste of individual customers, we are also providing nine more amazing aquarium LED lightings that are perfect for their job with an excellent profile. So, with all that said, let’s jump into the list.

10 Best Aquarium Led Lighting- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light

Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light

Current USA LED Lights can certainly be labeled as the best aquarium LED lighting. The light is bright and clear. You can choose from a pre-programmed lighting schedule or manually change the spectrum from 0% to 100%.

We discovered that we don’t need to run the blues and daylights at full power. The ramp-up/down is considerably less disturbing to the fish than having actinic go on, and then daylights jump on 15 minutes later, going from no/low light to full intensity in a flash.

The light bar and transformer have a long enough cord to reach any GFCI outlet nearby, regardless of your tank’s height. The shimmer effect extends all the way to the tank’s bottom, and the gradient it creates looks heavenly.

We Velcroed the timer to the base cabinet in line of sight; we recommend using removable tabs rather than the velcro that comes with the unit because you may want to toy with situating it after you’ve had the unit for a while.

What we like:

  1. Convenient remote control
  2. Timer is helpful

What we dislike:

  1. Although it is mentioned waterproof it is not.

Current USA Satellite Plus PRO LED Light

Current USA Satellite Plus PRO LED Light

First and foremost, this LED light fixture is incredible. You can adjust its intensity, it includes unique modes if you want your tank to look like a rainstorm or a gloomy day, and it has a modern appearance.

Everyone who is thinking about brightening up their lights should choose this model, and here’s why: This model includes a dual ramp timer, allowing you to ramp from sunrise to dusk as well as moonlight.

The timer preserves customizable settings and the proper time even after a power interruption, which is a terrific feature unique to this device. The PAR values are sufficient to support most light-intensive plants while not being harsh or overwhelming.

I adore the practically constant color temperature, hue, timing, and intensity options. They are so small that you hardly notice them. I used to cover the illumination with a wooden canopy, but now it’s not required. The metal body keeps the product cool, which contributes to its longevity.

What we like:

  1. Multiple light hues
  2. Longlasting metallic body

What we dislike:

  1. Remote control is not very effective

Finnex Planted Fully Automated Aquarium LED

Finnex Planted Fully Automated Aquarium LED

What a Beautiful Light! Thin, contemporary, and utilitarian. The output is outstanding. I left it on all night and was amazed at how much light was evident at midnight. The remote is easy. It works rather well. The 24/7 feature is actually rather smooth once you get it set up.

Set the clock by hitting the 24/7 button, then the time, and then the button again. You can then make modifications to the lights, and when you want it to be on all the time, press the button once, and it will remember the time based on the last setting.

The lamp is quite thin. It’s on top of my glass top. The light shines downward, but part of it escapes through the glass and the lamp frame gaps. It’s not horrible and isn’t much of a distraction, but it’s there.

This appears to be great. It enhances the appearance of both the fish and the plants. Because it is constantly changing, the tank’s appearance varies greatly as a result. Bright daylight is so different from dawn light that my tank looks completely different with all the reds.

What we like:

  1. 24/7 feature is great
  2. Easy to set up

What we dislike:

  1. Plastic extenders easily fall out

NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light

I purchased this model for my 30g tank since I had difficulties lighting it with other lights, or the other lights had a strange greenish-yellow tint. This lamp has the excellent build quality and brightness for the price.

When compared to the original Classic, the Plus model is a significant improvement. It has a much nicer aluminum body that feels more robust and has a less cheap plastic feel.

It also comes with two alternative sets of legs, allowing you to choose between the two looks or use the different portions to adjust the height of the light. It is also far brighter than the original Classic and features new colored LEDs designed exclusively for plants.

I would have wanted that the light switches to be concealed on the side of the lamp, as it was on the original Classic, but it works and is still hidden off to the side, so that’s fine.

What we like:

  1. Great value
  2. Super bright

What we dislike:

  1. Not long-lasting enough

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED

I’d been looking into LED lights for planted tanks for a while, and the Finnex fixtures appeared to be a decent item at a reasonable price. Lowering power usage was a major motivator in converting the LED, as electricity is rather expensive in many nations these days.

The Finnex wasn’t as brilliant as the T5, but it still provided adequate illumination throughout the tank. The plants continue to blossom energetically, and practically all of them have experienced a significant growth spike.

The fixture itself is really small and appealing, and it greatly improves the appearance of the tank. It appears to be well-made, and the adjustable legs stretch just far enough to fit onto the rim of my tank. It also runs significantly cooler than T5s, becoming warm but not unbearably so.

The even distribution of red LEDs and the even end-to-end dispersion of the lights overall, I believe, are two reasons that contribute to this light being so great. I honestly can’t believe how incredible this light is.

What we like:

  1. Excellent for plant growth
  2. Pleasant brightness

What we dislike:

  1. Design is not appealing

BeamsWork LED Aquarium Light

BeamsWork LED Aquarium Light

For a planted tank, this is the light to get. This light is so brighter than most other goods in this category that comparison isn’t even necessary. The addition of reds and greens to the white creates a much more natural light.

The moonlight is very brilliant but deep blue. I also bought a timer, which works flawlessly. A word of caution: If you do not utilize the timer, the standard-setting will use all LEDs, including whites, reds, greens, and blues (actinic).

It produces a lovely, brilliant light that brings out a lot of color from your fish and decorations. The light, on the other hand, is a tad cold and not quite as real. It’s up to you whether that’s what you like.

When you utilize the timer, you separate the regular from the lunar. In other words, if you set the timer to turn off the lunar when the regular turns on, you will have extremely natural light from reds, greens, and whites, but no blue actinic.

I have them set to overlap for a few hours in the morning and evening so that I have several phases throughout the day rather than just night and day.

What we like:

  1. Vibrant colors
  2. Convenient timers

What we dislike:

  1. Algae can grow in the tank at this brightness

Marineland LED Aquarium Light

Marineland LED Aquarium Light

If you need replacement lighting for the Marineland LED Light Hood, this one is ideal. You can also utilize this light for other aquarium purposes. They’ve also enhanced the design of the electrical connection compared to the previous model.

Both the white and blue settings are bright. They’re ideal for a tiny tank or a group of them in a larger tank. The new design effectively reduces corrosion. I had two other hoods and had the lights replaced with this new design.

This fixture does not become overheated and has a tiny footprint suitable for a small tank or hex aquarium, and both my plants and fish are happy. The glistening light makes the tank look better than ever, and the blue moonlight is fantastic.

The fact that I have to switch them from blue to off to all on manually is a minor inconvenience, but I leave the four-foot systems on full blast and let the little ones act as the moonlight. It is effective.

This light is insufficient for certain plants, so check their lighting requirements. Furthermore, if you intend to use these lights in a salt-water aquarium, these LEDs will only work for a few soft corals and will not be adequate for LPC (Large polypoid corals) or SPC (Small polypoid corals). These lights are an excellent value for money and will last for many years.

What we like:

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Bright light

What we dislike:

  1. Good for small tanks only

MingDak Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light

MingDak Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light

The light appears to be of good quality and is far brighter than I had anticipated. It’s a bright white light with some colorless tossed in to help other colors stand out. The night blue is also really bright, and the two lights put my other aquarium to shame because they are side by side.

This LED aquarium light is an excellent buy, in my opinion. Superior performance at a reasonable price. Several more costly LED lamps I’ve bought in the past have proven to be duds, but this one is the best! It brings the colors in my tank to life like never before! Excellent value and quality.

The switch is a simple three-way switch. It has two brightness settings: dazzling daytime and dim night light. The daylight function has resulted in more algae, but it’s worth it because the fish and plants are more vibrant.

What we like:

  1. Very bright
  2. Night mode is a beauty

What we dislike:

  1. The design is poor

COODIA Aquarium Hood Dimmable LED Light

COODIA Aquarium Hood Dimmable LED Light

I’ve only had it for a month or two, but so far, so good. Nice and bright, and the light is adjustable; the only drawback is that it requires some fiddling with the remote to comprehend. That section is a little tricky, but if you figure it out, it’s quite straightforward.

The color possibilities are fantastic, as is the dimming capability and remote – I can change the colors or turn off the lights from my chair! The lights are bright, and the unit appears to be well-made.

In addition to white light, you can blend colored light to make up to 15 different hues. The different hues provide a refreshing change of pace. The support clips are attached to my 20-gallon Aqueon tank, with ample room to swivel back and forth for access.

The provided instruction booklet was largely ineffective because it failed to mention the remote control, which is critical for getting the most out of the equipment.

What we like:

  1. A plethora of color options
  2. Great value

What we dislike:

  1. No instructions for the remote

Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light

Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light

This Finnex LED light is an excellent addition to my 55-gallon freshwater tank. It arrived in good condition and has performed admirably for the past few weeks. Compared to most other items on the market, it is incredibly simple to put up, super simple to use, and super bright.

This stuff is quite excellent for a standard non-plant tank. It’s so thin that, as the advertisement claims, it’s practically undetectable. This is the cheapest Finnex light available, and it is well worth the money.

It also comes with a variety of mounting options, giving you a variety of options for how to mount this light. Coming to its longevity, this light is still going bright seven months later.

I even dipped one end of it into the tank while cleaning. It survived without incident and continues to tick. It works just as it did when I pulled it out of the box and set it up.

What we like:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. The light fixture is great

What we dislike:

  1. Quality is not consistent

What to consider why buying an aquarium LED lighting- Buying Guide

LED lighting is a common addon that can be incorporated into your aquarium. The main functionality of LED lighting comes when there are living aquatic plants and corals in your aquarium.

If you are buying an LED light source to illuminate your aquarium, you must consider a few factors. These are:

Installing procedure

T5 light fixtures, for example, require a lot of tweaking and setting complications to enable them to function efficiently.

LEDs require no complex setup; connect in the device, and it’s ready to run. But even after that, you might need some minute adjustments in case you would like to change the hue or set a timer to the device.

These are generally included in the instructions, and if you follow them properly, it is easy to understand. But some products don’t offer proper instructions, and if you are not comfortable with excess complicated tech formalities, don’t go for these.

And if you have decided to go for some adjustable lights, then the Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light will prove to be an excellent product for you.


No one wants a product that stops working a few days after purchase and more so if they have been expensive for your budget. A high-quality LED lighting source can endure for more than five years.

To understand its longevity refer to the reviews and if you are going for our list, then consider the pros and cons.

Current USA Satellite Plus PRO LED Light is one the most durable LED lightings among the top products.

Energy efficient

LED lights have been shown to consume a lot less energy than incandescent lamps, and they even last longer than traditional lights. That will save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

Marineland LED Aquarium Light is an excellent product with impressive energy efficiency.


Many fish species, such as bettas, are sensitive to unexpected changes in water temperature and might get agitated, leading to health complications.

Traditional aquarium lights heat a lot over time, especially after a few months of usage. They can even lead to heat shock to the fish. This also implies that you can’t use them for plastic or acrylic aquariums.

LEDs, on the other hand, are known for their cool illumination. They give out an almost negligible amount of heat, and that amount is not a problem for your fish. Less heat production also means energy efficiency.

Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light is the most efficient LED light out there in the market and gives out almost no heat.

Now coming to aquarium owners who have natural vegetation and corals in their tanks. Along with the factors mentioned above, you must consider some more parameters, especially if you intend to use an LED lighting for the growth of your plants.

The spectrum of your LEDs

A 6500k warm white LEDs when compared to a 6500k plain white LEDs. They are extensively used for residential lighting and frequently make up the majority of low-cost marine LED lightings.

Because plain white LEDs lack an appropriate red spectrum, utilizing LED fixtures with plain white LEDs frequently results in dried-out aesthetic hues and reduced pigmentation in red plants, although plants can still thrive.

Warm white LEDs are frequently superior for plant growth, but they throw a yellowish shade on the tank, given the lacking of blue hues.

Although all light wavelengths ranging from 400nm to 700nm contributes to photosynthesis, brighter red/blue light stimulates pigmentation in some species. This indicates that when introduced to a higher intensity of red/blue spectrum, many species grow much healthier.

Most consumers believe that strong pigmentation in colored flora is obtained solely by nutritional dosage, whereas illumination is a critical factor in this process.

COODIA Aquarium Hood Dimmable LED Light has a plethora of lighting options, and you can further adjust the brightness, so this is a great option for enhancing natural flora.


What color light is best for a fish tank?

Aquarium plants grow better under red and blue spectrum lighting compared to other light intensities. Hence blue and red color lights are the top pick for any aquarium, especially for the planted ones.

How do I choose LED aquarium lights?

To pick the right LED aquarium light, first understand the preference for your aquarium. If it is a freshwater aquarium that you intend to illuminate, then go for any LEDs that give out your preferred hue. But if you have a planted aquarium, then try to lean towards more red or blue hues.

Are LED lights good for fish tank plants?

When it comes to aquarium lighting, LED lights are the best choice. They are affordable, energy-efficient, and look amazing with their sleek designs. They are important for the growth of your aquatic plants, and they illuminate your tanks beautifully at night.

Are colored LED lights bad for fish?

For a fish-only aquarium, the need for lighting is only for illumination, and practically any color hue can be utilized comfortably without endangering your aquatic life.

Our Verdict

LED lights generally operate at a considerably lower temperature than ordinary CFLs and T5s. These provide a wide range of programmable brightness options and shades and will work well for both fish-only and planted aquariums if you choose them wisely and consider the requirements.

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