Aquariums can be excellent decorations for a household. The beauty lies in the exotic fishes and plants residing in the vivarium. But keeping those plants and fishes healthy and alive can be a difficult task. Without the correct temperature, the fish won’t thrive for long.

To address this problem, numerous aquarium heaters maintain the temperature of the aquarium efficiently. However, each product comes with unique features that are suited for specific scenarios. 

Here it becomes tricky to understand which one is best for your precious fish. It has been quite a long time since I have been keeping aquariums and raising fish. In my experience, I have tried multiple heaters to determine which is best for my fish. And I have found Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater to be the best and most adjustable product in the market.

To help you find the best-suited heater for your tank here, we have provided some of the best aquarium heaters out there that will assist you to properly maintain your aquarium temperature and provide the best conditions for your fish to live in.

So, let’s have a look at them.

10 Best Heaters For Your Aquarium- Reviewed

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater

Product details:

  • Fully submersible
  • LED temperature display
  • One-touch system

This neo-therm heater is phenomenal. Its sleek, modern, and high-tech look are astounding. Unlike other heaters, which are tubular in shape, it is flat, providing more surface area to contact the water. Thus raising the temperature faster and more efficiently.

The LED display is an excellent method to check the water temperature at a glance, and it tells you whether you’re over or below the temperature you set for the machine. One solid LED indicates that your set temperature and tank temperature are the same. 

A flashing light before or after your preset temperature indicates that it is higher or lower. To change the temperature, press a button on the heater’s top. The Neo-Therm is strong, and the outside case is composed of shatter-resistant plastic, so it should withstand bumps and bruises for a long time.

This heater is solid-state, and it claims that if the unit malfunctions, it will simply turn off and not heat the water. This feature alone is worth the price for me. The precision of this Neo-Therm is spot on, as I tested the unit’s +/- 0.5 Fahrenheit degree accuracy using a digital thermometer.

When the price differences and performance are considered, the Neo-Therm is the best bargain.

What we like:

  • Precise temperature control and display
  • Auto shutdown upon mechanical failure

What we dislike:

  • Expensive

Fluval E Series Advanced Electronic Heater

Fluval E Series Advanced Electronic Heater

Product details:

  • Dual temperature sensors
  • LCD temperature display
  • Safety shut-off feature

This heater is probably one of the most user-friendly products on the market. I’ve had this 300-watt heater for about three weeks, and its performance is impressive. You will love Fluval; everything I’ve tried has exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond.

I like how easy it is to adjust the temperature with the swivel knob at the top, and the digital temperature display is a nice touch. So far, it’s been accurate. It’s completely encased, so your fish will be safe from any harm or shock.

Once it reaches its specified temperature, it maintains the temperature within +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not affected by the room temperature. Here’s the unique thing about the design of this heater, the temperature near the bottom of the tank is almost identical to the temperature near the surface.

You can adjust it easily, and for your fish, they can now live a healthy life.

What we like:

  • LCD Display
  • Maintains temperature efficiently

What we dislike:

  • The heating system is not durable

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

Product details:

  • Fully submersible
  • Thermo safety control 
  • Shatterproof glass 

This Jager adjustable heater is a cutting-edge electronic thermal gadget. As long as you install them correctly, it provides accurate temperature settings and tight control over water temperature changes. The suction cups on it grip incredibly effectively, and there haven’t been any temperature variations.

It has a calibration feature that allows you to make adjustments, which I had to do. Its terrific function allows you to adapt the gadget to the real water temperature; it keeps the water at a perfect 83.5 degrees Fahrenheit but has a broad range.

It may be completely submerged, allowing you to conceal it beneath decorations. Just make sure you have adequate water circulation to provide equal heating. When it comes to durability, it is the best; for example, it survived a 6″ gourami knocking over a decoration over it. I have been using this heater for 6 months, and I can clearly say that its design and manufacturing quality are top-notch. 

What we like:

  • Temperature control is perfect
  • Extremely durable and sturdy

What we dislike:

  • A bit on the costly side.

Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater

Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • 200W
  • 20-45 gallon
  • Digital LED Display

This metal aquarium heater is composed of titanium, which is lightweight, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant. Specifically built for use in marine tanks, so if you plan to set up a marine aquarium, this can be your best solution for temperature control. It is quite versatile as you can use it for both small-sized as well as large-sized units.

I like how, even in the dark, I can see both the set temperature and the current temperature just looking at the wall. I’ve never seen the heater go over the temperature I’ve set it to. The temperature on the Hygger is perfect, and the thermostat is simple to use.

It appears to be in good condition and runs smoothly. It has already outlived the majority of my heaters, so its longevity is excellent. I also enjoy how low it is in my tank, so I don’t have to remove it for my weekly water changes. 

It’s quite nicely crafted, as you’ll see when you handle the titanium heater and controller in your hands. Furthermore, the cords are durable and not paper-thin, and it is highly recommended for anyone looking for quality and dependability.

What we like:

  • Long-lasting
  • Light-weight and sturdy

What we dislike:

  • The display can malfunction sometimes. Just disconnect the product and turn it on again.

Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater

Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • 500W aquarium heater
  • 40 to 75 gallons aquariums
  •  thickened quartz glass

This heater is small, but it is really effective. It’s substantial and feels much more durable than many other goods. In my 55 gallon tank, the temperature indicator is fairly accurate. The design is sleek and contemporary. The dial is a little difficult to operate with one hand, which is probably a good thing if you have large fish that might bump it.

I’ve been using this heater in my other saltwater tank for about a week, and it’s great. The heat is extremely steady. Already more dependable than many other heater brands, this heater would be ideal for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

This heater comes with a separate wired thermometer attached to a suction cup on the outside of the tank. It simply lifts on and off the cup, allowing it to be mounted in a discreet spot, lifted to where you can read it, and then replaced. 

The new design is also more appealing than the old one. It has a fashionable design and a brilliantly colored adjusting knob. The knob is designed to function as a pointer, making it easy to see where you’re setting it.

What we like:

  • Versatile product
  • Quite durable

What we dislike:

  • The heater tends to run hotter than what it is set to

FREESEA Aquarium Heater

FREESEA Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • 75Watt
  • 5-15 gallons
  • Submersible

This heater is perfectly suited for bettas. My betta genuinely enjoys being around it, and it does not burn his long, wavy fins. I like how I can set the temperature outside the tank and then look over at any place in the room and clearly see the digital number.

I don’t use suction cups because the tank I am using is circular, and it’s impossible to attach a flat-backed device to it. As a result, I suspend the heater in the tank. I have an independent and dependable thermometer; the FreeSea and the thermometer agree on temperature balance, so that’s assuring. 

Because the appliance is completely submersible, you don’t need to watch the water level to ensure its efficacy. This heater is promised to work for any 5-15 gallon tank, but I recommend that you use it on no more than a 10-gallon tank. It will not stress your fish because the temperature remains constant.

What we like:

  • Does not harm the fishes
  • Submersible

What we dislike:

  • Design is flawed. The coils can trap your fish if it is small

hygger Fast Heating Titanium Aquarium Heater

hygger Fast Heating Titanium Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • Fully submersible
  • Protective guard
  • LED digital display

Hygger products continue to astound me. Digital reading is fantastic and quite simple to use. It heats quickly to the temperature you specify and has a unique design. Nothing else on the market comes close. This heater easily heats a 240-gallon large tank.

The temperature remains steady and looks nice next to my setup. The heating element cannot be broken, warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged. There are no exposed wire coils or insulation, so your fish will not become entangled. 

I’m quite pleased with the submersible feature. If you added a compact circulating pump, it would take even less time to heat the tank to the proper temperature. The temperature on the dial is extremely accurate, and the interface has no buttons but, like a smartphone, requires a light tap/hold to operate. 

Heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the day/night. It appears to be large, but it is fairly flat, and I believe it is ideal for beneficial bacteria to congregate around the walls and crevices. 

Back to the main panel that reads all the information, the suction cup is solid and holds on fast, and it’s bright and well-lit so that you can see easily at night. The power cords appear to be of high quality and not cheap.

What we like:

  • Precisely designed
  • Secured for preventing any mishap

What we dislike:

  • The run-dry protection is non-functional

Aiicioo Reptile Heating Pad – Hermit Crab Heater

Aiicioo Reptile Heating Pad - Hermit Crab Heater

Product details:

  • 8watt
  • 10-20 gallon
  • 120 volts

This heating pad is best suited if you are raising tropical reptiles or amphibians in your aquarium. Although I don’t have any snakes or hermit crabs, I bought this as an extra heat source for the bottom and raise humidity levels during the winter when the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius.

This item works perfectly and keeps everything inside the tank nice and warm. It’s warm, but not too hot for my fish. It’s safe to leave it plugged in all the time, and it works great. I installed it on the tank’s bottom. It gently heats portions of the substrate, but they have plenty of places to go if it becomes too hot.

There is no thermostat or other means to control the temperature, so I purchased a thermometer to place inside the enclosure to check the heat and ensure it didn’t become too hot, and it works perfectly for me. I would recommend you tweak this adjustment too.

What we like:

  • Temperature remains steady
  • Warms the interior well

What we dislike:

  • No temperature display

hygger 200W Digital Quartz Aquarium Heater

hygger 200W Digital Quartz Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • 110-120V
  • 200W
  • 15-30 Gallon

The hygger 200W Digital Quartz Tank Heater has significantly improved the condition of my aquarium. This heating system is straightforward and easy to use in every way. It’s amazing to change the temperature and readily read the thermometer with its digital screen. 

You’ll never have to worry about this heater overheating or not heating properly again. I wholeheartedly suggest this product to everyone who owns an aquarium. It’s effortless to set your temperature so that your fish are never too chilly or too hot! Anything that aids in the preservation of your fish’s surroundings is always appreciated.

I like how thin and easy it is to conceal the heater and how simple it is to set and maintain temperatures. The instructions are straightforward, and the installation is simple. The digital display is a little bigger, and the suction cups are difficult to stick to the exterior glass. 

However, compared to heaters in this price range, the heater itself appears quite efficient. It effectively heats my aquarium.

What we like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple temperature control

What we dislike:

  • Suction cups are a bit cheap

Orlushy Mini Submersible Aquarium Heater

Orlushy Mini Submersible Aquarium Heater

Product details:

  • 100W
  • 10-30 gallon
  • External controller

This heater served me well in my 10-gallon tank until I chose to replace it with a hygger product owing to its longevity. The service it provides is far more valuable than its low price. The suction cups work great; I haven’t had any problems falling off the side, and the temperature is accurate and set to just what I want. 

The chord is also quite long, which is convenient because it eliminates additional extension cords. It’s also small and compact so that it won’t take up too much room in a 10-gallon tank. 

The heater has a built-in thermometer; if the real temperature rises above the predetermined temperature, the heater will turn off. This is especially beneficial if you decide to go on a trip while your heater is still running.

One of the best features of this heater is its heat control through an external controller, so you don’t have to dip your hands every time to set it, and it also has a bright display that shows the temperature accurately.

What we like:

  • Auto turnoff feature is handy
  • The external temperature controller is very convenient

What we dislike:

  • Bad in terms of longevity.

Factors that must be kept in mind while buying an aquarium heater

Maintaining your aquarium in good shape for your fish is much more difficult than most people believe. Ensuring the water is always at a temperature that can be tough without a high-quality aquarium heater.

Here are some questions to consider before making a purchase…

Type of heater


A heater must be entirely submerged in water to function; they can often be set vertically or horizontally within the tank. Submersible heaters are popular because you may use them in freshwater and saltwater tanks and efficiently heat tanks of various sizes.


External heaters are situated outside the aquarium and often use a small hose as their heat source, which hangs over the edge of the tank at the top. However, because of this, they may not always disperse heat evenly. They are a fantastic alternative for small and medium-sized tanks because they do not take up much space in the little space you have.


Inline heaters are similar to exterior heaters in that they must be connected to the tank filter system and heat the water as it is pumped back in. As a result, they can be fiddly and difficult to set up. They may also require additional parts to function properly.


Substrate heaters are sometimes concealed as rock, sea bedding, or other sealife plants. They can be heated via a wire hidden beneath the tank’s sandy base if you’re looking for something a little more aesthetically beautiful. However, these are not particularly practical methods of heating an aquarium and are quite uncommon.

Among these different types of heaters, the most preferred type is the submersible heaters. They have a quicker rate, can dissipate heat efficiently, and are most easy to set up.

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater is an amazing heater with a fully submersible feature.

Type of fish

The most crucial thing is to figure out what temperature your fish require to survive since if they demand a steady source of high-quality heat, you’ll need a high-quality heater. 

We would advise you to keep fishes that have a similar temperature accommodation range together. This will help you set your heater to a certain temperature optimum for all the fish.

Chygger 200W Digital Quartz Tank Heater is a versatile product with a variable temperature range and quick heating feature.

Wattage requirements

Rather than being identified by size, heaters are generally classified by the number of watts they produce. The more wattage you require, the larger your tank.

Low watt heaters

Low-watt heaters are generally suitable for small tanks like the ones having 5-10 gallons capacity. It requires less power but can take a longer time to heat a comparatively larger tank.

FREESEA Aquarium Heater is suitable for a small aquarium and can function efficiently at a low power cost.

High watt heaters

These products are generally preferred for large tanks with big fishes like parrot and tattoohorn. They require more power but can heat a 30-gallon tank quickly.

Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater is one of the few heaters that can efficiently heat a 50-gallon tank and within a short time.

Thermostat feature

When it comes to aquarium heaters, a thermostat is essential because it simplifies altering the temperature. These frequently include legible LED screens that constantly update you on the current temperature of the tank, allowing you to stay on top of what’s going on.

Orlushy Mini Submersible Aquarium Heater has an inbuilt thermostat that accurately measures the temperature and displays it.

Turning off automatically

This excellent safety feature prevents the tank from overheating by automatically switching off the heater when the desired temperature is reached, keeping it from being heated continuously for lengthy periods. Although it is not always required, it will undoubtedly make your life easier.

Orlushy Mini Submersible Aquarium Heater also has an automatic turnoff feature that immediately turns off the heater if the temperature rises beyond the optimum range.

Our verdict

Users are generally concerned about heaters because the thought of dipping an electrical instrument in water appears to contradict all we know about electronic devices. However, keep in mind that these products were created specifically for this purpose and are completely safe. 

However, as with anything, they can become lethal over time if they begin to malfunction. So make sure you inspect your heater regularly to guarantee there are no damaged parts or torn cables.

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