I always wanted to have a fish tank for my shelf. Not a large one because I don’t have enough space on the shelf or in my room to keep it.

I measured the area where I wanted to fit the fish tank and finally came to a decision. Going with a 10-gallon aquarium sounded perfect to me, not too small to be less noticeable in the room or too big to barely fit in. 

A 10-gallon fish tank is the best size as you can keep it in both home and office, and it will still look perfect as a decent decorative piece. 

After deciding the size of the fish tank, I quickly started looking online for the best 10-gallon fish tank that would be the ideal home for my fishes and also boosts the room’s look and atmosphere. 

While continuing my search, I learned that more than hundreds of options are available in the market. I keep searching and going through the finest options and their honest reviews and comments about the products.

As you read ahead, I have listed the ten best 10-gallon fish tanks that I came across during my search and their genuine reviews. You can go through this list of options and choose the best 10-gallon tank according to your choice.

Just below the list, I have also provided a buying guide. If you go through any confusion, question, or problem, just go through this stuff, and it will surely help consider the best option for you.

10 Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank

1. Aqua Culture 10-gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

This aqua-culture aquarium is a 10-gallon fish aquarium kit that comes with a low-profile hood. The aquarium also has LED lights that produce a nice shimmering daylight effect that gives a natural feel.

The LED lighting is very energy efficient. The kit includes an internal filtration system that comes with a device that has a pump as part of the device, a charcoal filter and a filter that does its job perfectly. 

The filter system keeps your fish healthy and the aquarium water crystal clear. It also has integrated cutouts, making cartridge changes in the filter and feeding your fish without removing the hood.

The aquarium kit also contains samples of food and water care. The material from which the aquarium is made is glass. You will also find a cover with LED light and a direction booklet that will help you in setting this tank up.

The only thing that could bother you is the filter. Once it gets clogged with debris, it can overflow out the back instead of into the aquarium. 


  • Good filtration rate 
  • Nice LED lights
  • Easy feeding and cartridge change


  • When the filter gets clogged, water gets overflowing out of the tank

2. Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit with LED Lighting 20 High

As you open the box, you will find all the equipment needed, like a glass aquarium, LEDs, power filter, filter cartridge, heater, fishnet, etc., that are essential to set this tank up are present in the box.

This is the best thing about this aquarium starter kit as it is a full kit including all the needed accessories, and you don’t have to spend your money to buy any additional equipment.

You will also be provided with a setup guide that will help you to install this aquarium without any complications. As it is a glass aquarium, you don’t have to worry about getting scratched or deforming.

The filter has a red LED light that flashes to indicate when to change the cartridge. The water flow is just perfect for your goldfishes, and also the power filter is also very quiet. Your fishes will get a calm environment to live in.

One of the problems you may face is that the LED light quit working after 6 to 7 weeks and melted part of the plastic top. And the filter is quite noisy, resulting in causing disturbance to you and your fish.


  • Value for money
  • The kit comes with all the required accessories
  • Quite a power filter


  • Light quit working after a few weeks 
  • Noisy filter

3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 10 gallon

Even if you have the least knowledge of aquariums, you will not have any trouble with assembling this marina LED aquarium kit, as it is extremely easy to set up and great for small spaces.

This fish tank has a size of ten gallons. This kit is also an all-glass aquarium, which means it is fully made of glass. The fish tank glass walls themselves are pretty transparent and seem strong.

The tank has LED lighting that produces a natural daylight effect by protruding enough lights that give a for your fish. The filter is actually whispering quietly out of the box and does not cause any disturbance to your little fish. 

The kit includes an aqua plus water conditioner that does a good job in making the home’s normal tap water safe for your goldfish. The clip-on filter with the aquarium kit is a good filter with a quick change filter cartridge.

I have been through multiple reviews about this aquarium, and many people have reviewed the tank’s glass cracks after a few months of use due to the poor quality of material used for making tank walls.

Pros :

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong material
  • Good filter


  • Glass cracks due to low material quality


4. Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit with LED Lighting 10

This aqueon aquarium starter kit is pretty good and value for money as a 10-gallon tank as it comes with a low profile full hood. The kit contains vibrant white LED lighting that looks really cool in your aquarium.

The LED lights do a great job to bring your aquatic environment to life. The power filter is super quiet and good at keeping the water clear, and provides a healthy and clean environment for your fish.

Another good thing about this 10-gallon aquarium is that it has a red LED light that flashes to indicate when it is time to change the cartridge, so you don’t have to play guessing games anymore.

The heater that comes with the aquarium will keep your aquarium temperature at some constant degrees that are generally appropriate for most tropical fish. The guide will help you to set up this tank very easily.

The stick-on thermometer will help you in keeping your tank temperature in control. The only problem that you may face with this tank is that the tank starts to leak in a couple of weeks due to its poor construction.


  • Value for money 
  • Easy to set
  • Good filter
  • Vibrant LED lights


  • Tank leaks 

5. GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting

This GloFish aquarium kit includes all the essential things a fish tank needs to keep your fish healthy, safe and growing. The material of this 10-gallon fish tank is glass that makes this tank strong and long-lasting.

The aquarium comes with a low profile hood with a unique combination of white and blue LED lights giving all types of fishes a vibrant look along with being energy efficient.

The power filter is quite quiet, almost sounds like whispering and also comes with a cartridge. An aquarium heater is also added to the kit that provides an appropriate living temperature. 

Along with the heater, a thermometer is also present that keeps the temperature of your aquarium in check, and the set-up guide will help you in setting this tank up, which is an extremely easy job. 

You can complete the look by adding pops of colour to any gravel. According to reviews, many users said that the filter isn’t durable and stops working after using it for about three to four months.


  • Unique combination lights
  • Easy to set up
  • Quiet filter


  • Filters stop working 

6. Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium 34L

During my search for a 10-gallon tank, I came across this beautiful 9 gallon Fluval Flex tank. It has an amazing design and a great look that fills the one-gallon gap. Being a gallon less doesn’t actually cause any major problems, though.

It features a unique curved front that creates the illusion of a larger aquatic environment and a modern look and will look good in just any room in your home or office. 

This is a freshwater aquarium, and you cant keep your marine fish in it. Not many freshwater kits incorporate the type of brilliant illumination this aquarium has. The filtration system does its work perfectly, making the water clean for the fish.

This is made up of a fully-fledged glass tank. The LEDs are a fully adjustable shimmer over your fish and plants lighting up the aquatic atmosphere, and it also has a dimmable lamp that promotes plant growth. 

The most exciting feature of this tank is that you can choose from so many different hues for a variety of selection of colour blends. Other special effects options include cloud cover, storm and full-colour cycle, all controlled from your included remote control. 

The top cover opening is so convenient to feed your little aquatic pets. The filter pump does its job nice but is extremely noisy and vibrates loudly, causing disturbance for the fish sometimes.


  • Good design and look
  • Convenient top cover opening to feed
  • Adjustable and dimmable lights


  • Not exactly a 10-gallon tank
  • Noisy filter pump

7. Penn-Plax Water-World Radius 10 Gallon Fish Tank

This 10-gallon aquarium kit is great for beginners as it is extremely simple and easy to set up and handle this tank. This kit offers almost everything you need in a single package and can easily be handled by both adults and children.

This aquarium has a unique bent glass design that is frameless and seamless in front to get an unobstructed view from all sides, including the top view. 

The material from which this tank is made is of the highest quality glass that provides a good amount of durability and total clarity. It has a unique three-piece construction with seamless rounded front corners.

A fully submersible cascade internal filter is also included in this aquarium kit that keeps the aquarium water super healthy and crystal clear for the fishes to live, along with a hinge style plastic lid.

Thus a fish tank is suitable to be home to a wide variety of fish. The only drawback of it is its LED light as they are missing on and off switch, so you have to unplug the whole thing completely and not provide enough light to grow plants.


  • Easy to setup
  • Unique design
  • Durable and strong construction material


  • Improper LED lights 

8. Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium

This Lifegard aquatics crystal aquarium is around 10 gallons in size and is nicely built for enjoying the beautiful aquarium view as well as giving your fish a healthy environment to live in. It features peninsula style bevelled edges and rimless glass.

This aquarium is also equipped with a bottom plug or a drain, making it really easy to clean, maintain, and offer greater circulation and water flow.

It is suitable for freshwater or saltwater aquariums with this crystal aquarium. It features a built-in side or back filter and direct jet flow pumps to remove debris and dirt and keep the water crystal clear.

The built-in filter includes one submersible pump, bio balls, carbon media, sponge filters, an aside or back filter, and a bottom insulation pad. It seamlessly circulates the tank’s water properly.

The main filter is extremely quiet but fails to do its prime function. Many people reviewed that the filter does not do its work properly as it is supposed to.


  • Different design
  • Suitable for both freshwater or saltwater


  • Filter does not work properly

9. Penn-Plax Water-World Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

If you don’t have much space in your home but still wish to own a fish tank, then this aquarium would be a good choice as it is convenient for small areas like a desk, dresser, or even on top of the old file cabinet that hasn’t been touched in years.

This frameless tank has quite a unique design and is made from finely constructed bent glass that is quite thick but gives a clear view, and at the front, it features two curved corners, allowing for unobstructed views from all angles.

Don’t worry if you have zero knowledge of aquariums, as this aquarium kit is great for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult. You will not face any problems setting it up and maintaining it. 

The kit comes with almost everything that you might need for your 10-gallon fish tank. It comes with a hinged glass lid, a hang-on filter to keep the water clean, a full range digital thermometer for checking the temperature, and a quick-net fishnet.

Everything was great about this aquarium, but many people commented that the tank does not hold exactly 10 gallons as it stated; instead, it holds around 9 gallons.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good filter
  • Convenient for small spaces


  • It does not hold exactly 10 gallons

10. Aqueon Fish NeoGlow LED Aquarium Starter Kit

This 10-gallon Aqueon aquarium starter kit features bright colours that pop and adds fun and colour to your room or office environment. The tank is a glass tank with colourful silicone that fluoresces under blue lighting.

It has a low profile hood with blue coloured LED lights that brighten and showcase the aquarium’s bright colours, making it look more attractive. A thermometer is included in the kit to keep the water temperature in check.

It comes with three variants coordinating decorative plants and multi-coloured gravel. The black background does a great job of highlighting fish while hiding power cords. The water conditioner conditions the water. 

The kit also includes a fishnet and setup guide that will help you set this tank up with ease. It is equipped with a super quiet filter and cleans the water perfectly, and a medium cartridge. 

A preset heater is included to provide your fish and tank with the temperate required for your aquatic pets to survive. The only drawback of this fish tank is that the tank’s quality is not so good it leaks in a few months of use.


  • Beautiful look
  • Great design of the tank
  • LED lights provide good lights 


  • Tank leaks in few months

Things To Consider Before Buying A 10 Gallon Fish Tank

I totally understand how picky we can be while deciding which 10 gallons fish tank would look best. It is completely genuine to get caught up in all those varieties of options and spend time jumping to a decision.

But don’t worry, this guide has enough information to help you choose the best 10-gallon tank for home or official to decorate as it fits perfectly for both uses.

I have listed some important points that you should know. Just have a look at them, and it will definitely help you in choosing the best option for yourself.

Different Styles of 10 Gallon Tanks

These days there are a variety of unique 10-gallons available in the market, and they come in a wide range of shapes and styles. 

Some tanks are lower and wider than the standard, which helps provide more space for your fish to swim in the aquarium. On the other hand, various other fish tank comes with curved or rounded front panels or corners. 

One of the types of aquarium style is a bow from or curved front tanks. Such types of tanks have rounded front panels that can magnify and beautifully enhance the look and appearance of the inside. 

If you want to hide the appearance of the waterline, then low profile tanks that are shorter and wider would be a good option.

Tanks having front or rear panels angled instead of getting attached squarely to the base increases the inside viewing of the tank and minimises the water lines’ appearance. 

The Quality and Material of the Tank

The first thing about any tank, be it 10 gallons or a 50 gallons tank, is to make sure that it is built with high-quality material to ensure longevity and strength. Fish tanks are usually made of three materials, glass tanks, plastic tanks and acrylic tanks. 

Plastic tanks are light in weight and comparatively cheaper than the other options, but you should avoid plastic tanks as they are less durable and more prone to get scratches. 

Acrylic tanks are similarly lighter but can easily become scratched or discoloured like plastic but are much stronger. Acrylic tanks are better than plastic tanks, but a better choice from both of them would be glass. 

Glass tanks are much stronger and more affordable than the other options as it never gets yellow or foggy and does not create visual distortion like plastic tanks.

Water Temperature 

Ten gallons may sound small but need to be temperature regulated, just like most fish tanks have a temperature control system. This is because some of the fish tanks have preset temperatures that are not suitable for all kinds of fish. 

Some fishes tend to live in comparatively cold temperatures and others. It is always better to get a fish tank where you can set the temperature of the water with a heat exchanger and a thermometer always to keep the water in check.

Fish are cold-blooded and sensitive to temperature. A sudden or slight change in water temperature or just a few degree difference can cause stress and diseases to them. 

When changing the water of your 10-gallon tank, the water temperature going into the tank must be the same as in the tank. This applies to all tropical aquariums, and especially for smaller tanks where aquarium water volume is less. 

Filtration System

It is obvious that you don’t want to have a dirty environment in your fish tank. As fishes usually die due to the unhealthiness of the water and it is easy for debris to get piled up in a small tank like a 10-gallon tank.

Keeping a filter in your aquarium will keep the water clean and healthy for the fishes to survive. Types of filtration systems are built-in filters, hang-on filters or filters that are submerged in water or can be kept out of the tank.

Fish You Can Keep In Your Tank

Don’t underestimate a 10 Gallon aquarium kit, as it will give you much more flexibility than you think. You need to choose the fish wisely, considering the space and requirements carefully, as you cannot keep just any type of aquatic animal in it. 

A 10 Gallon Aquarium is perfect for small and relatively non-aggressive fish. One more thing you should avoid is mixing tropical fish with cold-water fish, and this will be easier for you to maintain the water temperature for the fish.

10 Gallon Fish Tank Setup and maintenance

Your tank size and dimensions depend on the space you selected to put in the aquarium. Make sure that you don’t put the fish tank somewhere under direct sunlight or on an unequal surface.

You should get the surface levelled up, or you can put a rubber mat or a foam mat under the aquarium. It is best suggested to avoid using detergent while cleaning the tank, and you should rinse the tank and equipment carefully.

You can use conditioned water to fill up the tank, set up the tank by putting all the pieces of equipment properly in their required places and keep the filter running for some time before placing your fish in the aquarium.

Aquarium Lights You Need For A 10 Gallon Tank

Proper lighting will illuminate your 10 gallons small tank and make it look better by making the colours of your fish appear more vivid. There are special bulbs to maximise the colour of your aquarium’s environment and fish.

Your fish need lights to stay active and healthy and get some rest, and therefore, it is really important to have a light that provides the type of lighting that mimics both day and nighttime conditions. 

Most aquarium kits generally include their own lighting system, but if it isn’t up to your expectations, you can always buy lights separately to fulfil your requirements.

Conclusion :

I hope this article helped you in choosing the best 10-gallon tank for your room or office, as buying the best 10-gallon fish tank can be a tricky job as it is easy to get confused while choosing one. Just go through the guide and compare the requirements, prices and features from the provided list to select the best one for you. 

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